View Full Version : Anyone use Cineform Firstlight with GH1 footage?

12-24-2009, 10:54 AM
Just curious as to your experiences if you have - my production is rapidly approaching and I was initially just planning on using Nescene for converting my 1080 footage from the GH1, however, I've been reading up on the Firstlight application that comes with NeoHD and I'm really curious about it, and considering picking up NeoHD so that I can get Firstlight.

I'll be editing on a pretty serious rig (i7/separate raid 0s for source and render drives/lots of triple channel ram, etc.) in Vegas. The ability to color correct/color grade non-destructively and without rendering is very interesting and so I'm just wondering if anyone here has tried it out with GH1 footage and may be able to comment on your experience(s). The cineform folks kept pushing the fact that editing this way (metadata) seems to have advantages in terms of not clipping and blowing out highlights. I'm going to be shooting a bunch of snowy exteriors, so anything designed to help keep highlights under control (at every stage) is welcome. Plus as a one-man editing operation, I'm guessing that anything that saves me time is going to be worthwhile.

Park Edwards
12-26-2009, 10:32 AM
man, that looks a lot like adobe camera raw. i might have to try that out.