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12-10-2009, 03:14 AM
I lost the clips on an SD card. I was still in my cam from previous shooting and there was some room left so I used it again yesterday. Then it seems the card got full, but camera said there are no photos to show or clips to play. Then I read the card in my Apple and it turned out there are the folders which normally are being created when putting a card in a Zoom for the first time. This must have happened before I started using it for filming during last shoots and I forgot to format the card in the GH1 first. There is also the private folder including the stream folder but that folder appears to be empty, so it seems the table of content/data tree is damaged. Do zoom and Panasonic both use the same data writing/reading standard like DOS or ?

There is data on the card because according to my Apple, card is full, of 16GB there is only 400mb space left.

What's the best thing to do now, try a data recovery tool? I have not rewritten anything on the card nor reformated it...

Any advice is welcome.

I suspect trouble started when card was full and it stopped filming and I switched off the camera too quickly, I guess it was still busy writing data to the card. So from now on I will format all my cards in the camera first and not switch off camera too quickly.

12-10-2009, 09:04 AM
I have used data recovery tools many times and usually I have no problems retrieving all of the data. So long as you didn't overwrite the locations where the data existed then it is still there...

Just do a search online and download a free recovery tool. (Mind you I am on PC so it may be different retrieving on a MAC)