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11-27-2009, 07:55 AM
Hello everyone. I haven't really posted much here though I need some advice.
hopefully this is the right area to post such a qestion

I am in talks with creating a company involved with production of music videos, commercial and eventually movies.

Now my question (possibly a silly one) is to choose the RIGHT equipment to use in the company production. The purpose of this so that when I need to upgrade won't be TOO costly.

Now the budget I believe could be HUGE (not sure on the exact price but it could exceed $50 000 US) and that's just to purchase equipment specific for FILMING.

Most of the future filming I will be doing will have to have DOF, I want that cinema feel to it as well.

-Should I go and purchase a couple of RED ONE's with most of the lenses and accessories??

from what I understand for a complete basic package for RED ONE, the cost is approximately $40K US (is this correct??)

-Or buy 1 RED one and purchase the new Red products Scarlett or Epic as a B Cam (which won't be released to the general public until 6 months from now)??

-Or use that same cost to buy multiple (HEAPS) CANON 5dMk11 or 7D or 1DMkIV, with fast lenses??
-- i understand that all of these cameras can do up to 1080P and up to
60P and some in 24P with manual everything, is this also correct??

--would the crop factor in each of these cameras have any negative
issues for filming??

Also how much would a good (and I mean F&$King GREAT) computer system or workstation to run and process the files developed by all of the above products.

I hope I can get a few pointers in what I should get
both positive and negative comments would greatly shape my decision

Thank you to all.

11-29-2009, 01:57 PM
You have too much money. XD

First of all, How much experience do you have?

Noel Evans
11-29-2009, 02:49 PM
And a fair question. If you guys need some consultative work done for set up, Ill be happy to fly up and look at your start up.

Feel free to call me 0408 455 374

Peter Reynolds
11-29-2009, 02:50 PM
-Should I go and purchase a couple of RED ONE's with most of the lenses and accessories??

You have too much money. XD

First of all, How much experience do you have?

I would second Smifis comments (both of them).

All joking aside, you have to be careful that if you have that much money to invest, that
you have the skills to support the investment. Otherwise you'll risk going bankrupt quickly.

Here in Toronto, I know of 4 friends who "got together to start a production company" right out of school.
They each got loans for about $20,000, bought a RED and a kick ass edit suite. Last I heard they were really
struggling, and all had day jobs to pay off their loan. They have the enthusiasm, but not the experience
(both business and production) to cover their high overhead.

Now, this might not apply to you at all so feel free to disregard my comments entirely. If it were me,
I would start with maybe a $15,000 investment (Sony EX-1 or HPX-170, decent Final Cut or Premiere CS4 edit suite,
Tripod, light kit and rent everything else you need on a project by project basis. Have your gear grow with your company.

Just food for thought.


11-30-2009, 07:43 AM
To Smifis questions (honest answers BTW)

Well to be honest, I am working with a up and comer US music artist (Rap and Hip Hop Genre).

Although I haven't seen any "hard evidence" from anyone to back his claims about having plenty of investors in both the US and AUS ready to jump in to support him.

But, that being said, I like to keep an open mind about these things even if it does seem like I pipe dream, and thus the discussion of creating a potential company is born. As for the money, with great investors comes great fun--ding

For experience, I have shot and edited videos for my own personal fun, as well a couple of music videos for this US music artist. I like photography as well, I have done a couple of music festivals around Australia for the last 2 years trying to get experience and all.
Though if I need more experience, I could just as easily hire people to do all the grunt work if the budget is big enough and just use my mind for CREATIVITY.

Anyways I digress, the INITIAL purpose of getting cameras, be it RED or the 5DMk2/7D or OTHER, is to make visually appeal creations within the company rather than HIRING equipment and workstations which CAN cost a ridiculous amount. SO we can shoot what we want when we want.

So I just need a indication of which technology to get, keeping in mind for future expansions without the EXTRA dosh of upgrading for at least 3-5 YEARS.

Cheers to everyone
and keep the questions coming whether it be +ve or -ve.