View Full Version : M42 Bayonet lenses with the 7D?

11-25-2009, 07:31 PM
Hey all... for all the technical gurus, would it be possible to mount a Krasnagorsk K-3 kit lens (the Meteor 5-1) to a Canon 7D? Now I can think of a number of problems right off the bat... being that the Meteor lens is 1.) a bayonet style lens which means it would be too long to fit with just a M42 to Canon mount, but I wonder if one could extend that mount to accommodate the longer lens?

2.) I understand it was made for a 16mm camera, not a 35mm frame but would it still have some frame coverage (without vignetting) ?

Reason I am crazy enough to ask such a question is I still have my Meteor lens which I actually really love. Rock solid... smooth focusing.


11-25-2009, 09:45 PM
You can mount M42 lenses to the 7D, but not that one. First one, that wouldn't cover at all, you'd have a circle of image surrounded by a sea of black. Second, the back of the lens sticks out way too far, the mirror would never clear.

So, no, look at zome Carl Zeiss Jena or Super-Multi-Coated Takumars, you can find great cheap lenses out there in M42, and you can use them on your Canon. But you can't use that Meteor.

12-01-2009, 09:09 AM
I kinda assumed that would happen. How do I know if a lens will cover the frame? Is there a conversion formula of some sort? Or is it just the fact that its a lens for 16mm and the 7D has a 35mm sensor?

12-01-2009, 09:38 AM
As for frame coverage, yes -- no c-mount or 16mm or super-16 or 2/3" lens or 1" lens will cover the 35mm size of the 7D. That's an open-and-shut case.

But the further problem is that the particular lens you're talking about won't fit on any M42 body other than a K-3, because of the way the lens is constructed -- it protrudes way too far into the camera body, it wouldn't physically fit on an slr.