View Full Version : Redrock Micro Eyespy Deluxe with 7D - worth it?

11-12-2009, 08:46 PM
Hey guys,

I'm shooting a project on 7D and I'd ideally like to go mostly handheld. I've heard it can be very tricky to focus and keep stable.

I'll mostly be shooting on the 17-55 2.8L IS lens, so it'll have image stabilization.

I'm considering renting the Redrock Micro Eyespy Deluxe bundle that has the full shoulder support, counter balance weights and follow focus, with the lcd viewfinder loupe.

Has anyone shot with this rig on the 7D? How did it fare for focus and for stability? Amazing, so-so, or not worth it?

I also have the option of using a glidecam 2000 pro instead of the Redrock, this is a cheaper option and could possibly be more stable but doesn't have the follow focus. Anyone have a preference either way?

Thanks in advance!


11-19-2009, 07:16 AM
From my experience, using a glidecam with the vest and arm I cannot be on my feet for too long as my back will start hurting and I need a break. If you aren't using a vest and arm, it might be even less time until fatigue kicks in.

A shoulder mount is nice depending on what you are doing. Are you looking to do super smooth shots like a dolly? Or are you looking for something that is in between hand held and glidecam? Also, glidecams take a lot of practice to balance them and fly them as a shoulder mount takes seconds to set it on your shoulder and go. Hope this helps.