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11-09-2009, 03:51 AM
I plan on shooting a documentary this summer and need to buy a new camera, my XL2 is a little intimidating and heavy for what i want to do. I am having a hard time find the right camera scene i don't know that much about the consumer/prosumer cameras, there are to many of them to keep track of. so hears what I'm looking for:

price $500-$2000- i might be able to go a little high or am ok with buying used
SD card or mini dv- i plan on shooting a lot for days with dumping the footage
nightshot or nightvision
smaller/lighter = better
long battery life
mic input
HD preferred 720or1080

thank for your help

11-17-2009, 01:26 PM
If you like the XL2, I think you would also like another Canon. Since you're already using the XL2, I assume you would like to avoid using the painful AVCHD. Canon's HV40 is nice, HDV1080 (with native progressive), mic input (not XLR, but a Beachtek only costs $200), and being a consumer camera, it is small, light, but may feel cheap to some. Decent battery life, and should fit under your budget even if you add a Beachtek and a couple batteries. ($800 HV40 + $200 Beachtek + $400 2Batteries = $1400. It has a video light, but not a specific nightvision mode. If you need nightvision, you should get a Sony. The HDR-HC9 is very similar to the HV40, but doesn't have progressive recording.