View Full Version : basic powder makeup

10-29-2009, 01:59 PM
Anyone have any recommendations as to a basic powder for subjects faces? Just a little something to carry in the bag for interviews and such to smooth them out and kill some shine.

Michael Carter
11-13-2009, 04:03 PM
There's got to be some info on google regarding this...

You could also go to the biggest swanky mall in your town and hit the big upscale dept. stores - their cosmetics departments have row after row of counters staffed by pretty ladies in white lab coats. Go when it's not busy, look for the ladies that are all set to apply makeup to customers (my daughter goes before school dances and gets all made up for free - I always tell her "at least buy something!") and ask for opinions/techniques/products. Your odds of finding someone who'll be glad to help are usually high - people like being experts. Look for the girl with the best makeup.

Finally, hire a makeup artist from your local modeling agency (if you're in a big city) for a gig or a test. You can hire one for an hour, I've done the "just get the talent ready and leave" deals when money is tight. They generally love to give makeup tips to models. For some reason, makeup artists are consistently the nicest people in the industry.

If you know any experienced models, ask them - they're often told to come camera ready. Try ModelMayhem.com - keep in mind there's a lot of wanna-be's on there.