View Full Version : Video Files on SDHC card do not match Files Numbers using MainConcept AVCHD Transcode

Ken Neumann
10-28-2009, 08:55 PM
This is a workflow issue that I hope someone could guide me through.

I purchased a 32 gig card for the HMC, and shot various "shoots" on different dates and on different topics. I set User Button #3 to delete the Last Clip in the event that the last clip was to be discarded, and I used it quite often.

Each file (icon) in playback mode contains a number to identify the clip.

When I use the MainConcept AVCHD Transcoder to transfer the content of the card to my comptuer hard drive, I notice the file numbers identifying the clips in the camera do not match the file numbers which appear on the Transcoder software. As a matter of fact, various clips are out of sequence and are located in different locations on the transfer screen. When a clip is deleted, is there a gap or whole in the card that accepts the new incoming file and sets it in the same place I previously deleted a clip?

How can I actually see an icon of the file I want to transfer using the transcoder BEFORE transfering content from my card to verify what I am transfering? Thanks for your support.

Thomas Lew
10-28-2009, 09:01 PM
How much footage can you possibly have? Is it unreasonable to just capture the entire card then spend an hour or so sorting through it to see what's what?

11-01-2009, 01:07 AM
Hi Ken,, I read the PM you sent me too.

Firstly, I do not use the Mainconcept transcoder, I know it can only convert AVCHD mts files to either DVCproHD or SDAVI, this is of no use to me as I don't edit in either of these formats.

As far as I understand it, when you use the "delete last clip" function, there is no filling in blanks or clip re-ordering or any other thing happening. The camera will simply discard the clip and clip number and reassign the clip number corresponding to the next numerical value in the line. Basically Ken, I think somethings gone awry when you use the Mainconcept conversion process.

My workflow is far different from yours Ken, I edit native in Sony Vegas (gave up on Edius) and also use Corel X@ with my footage transcoded to Canopus HQ when warranted. As Thomas said, view all your footage from the card and work out whats what before the transcode.

When I shoot a music video, I have a shot list and a list of takes we did. After the shoot I copy the card to a drive on my PC, then go in and rename all the clips according to the shot list, this way you can drop the clips on the timeline knowing whats whats for each cut.

And after all that, I still have no answer for what you are asking,,, look more into what Mainconcept is doing.
Its not the camera.

11-01-2009, 10:09 AM
i don't think anything is going wrong per se....
its just the way the P2 transcoder works. =(

i was also annoyed that the dvcprohd clips are given seemingly random new names that are a jumble of letters and numbers, but then i realized i didn't need to refer to my original clips anymore.

if you're planning on replacing the P2 clips with the original avchd clips, then i can see how this would be a big pain in the arse.

i looked in the transcoder's settings but couldn't find a way to tell it to just leave the filenames alone!

11-14-2009, 08:28 PM
well, i've run into another significant flaw with this otherwise handy tool....

when you shoot a long interview, for example, as a single avchd clip, and use the Mainconcept transcoder on a FAT32 drive, it will create 4gb dvcprohd clips with completely random file names.

all the P2 clips that correspond to the original large avchd clip will share the first 5 digits, but the last 2 are randomly assigned making it IMPOSSIBLE to determine in which order to line up the clips!!!!! the only solution i found was to browse the folder containing the clips and sort by 'date modified'. then i could see which randomly named file comes first, second, etc so that i could switch back over into my NLE and lay the clips into continuous and proper order in my timeline.

why oh why did they make this work this way???????

what a major PITA!