View Full Version : Fuji W1 = Real 3D Photos and Video

10-01-2009, 06:40 PM

Shipping from 30th September 2009 for 599$. Consumer digital camera, shoots real 3D photos (and video). Got two identical zoom lenses built in and a special Fuji developed LCD which allows real 3D viewing without the need of special glasses.
They also offer a additional external 8 inch LCD (499$) with the same function and 3D prints will be available from mid October (but very costly for approx. 7$ each).

Of course you can use it in 2D mode with ultimate cool features like you can set both lenses to different focal lengths and take a wide and tele photo at the same time.

Pretty cool and it's just the beginning. This is the first "real 3D" photo camera to hit the market, I can't wait to see what else will come in 2010.

Gonna go to my local camera dealer and see if they got some to try.

10-02-2009, 03:54 AM
I just came back from my camera dealer and tried out the new Fuji W1.

I was surprised at first when it came out of the box... it's huge. Well, not really huge, but compared to other digital point and shoot cameras it is. But I actually like it. It feels very sturdy and well built, quite robust.
I don't like those tiny cameras where you have to fiddle with the tiny buttons and controls.

So it takes 3D photos and videos. When you use it at first you almost get sick looking at the 3D LCD... it's kinda seing two overlapping images of what you take, very confusing but you get used to it. After the photo has been taken and merged and you playback the 3D images again it's really nice. Right out of the camera stereoscopic images, looking pretty good and they have really good depth too.
It seems that it works best with subjects not too close and not too far away.
For close ups and landscape 3D photography you have to manually adjust the angle for taking the second photo. It takes getting used to but it works well.

Saving the 3D photos takes a while too... I roughly estimate it to around 1 second or a bit faster so you can shoot the next photo. But if you want to playback the last 3D photo you have shot it takes longer, maybe around 3 seconds, I didn't really time it. Guess that's due to the merging process that takes place. So it's not a fast camera (in 3D mode), not very suitable if you want to get snapshots of sports events or anything fast moving, you just might miss what you want to get.

Other downside is the fastest aperture you get is only F3.7 - I guess using a faster lens (two lenses actually) would have made it even bigger and more heavy which probably wouldn't appeal to the users this camera is aimed at. I'm sure though we will see improvements on size, weight and aperture speed within half a year as other brands will come out with 3D cameras. And they most certainly will.

Bottom line... if you mainly shoot during daytime, are not that much after a very fast camera and want it just for fun or for some really cool 3D photos of your last trip (and to show to your friends, bragging rights included). This is the camera to buy.
I will trade in my Olympus EP1... hardly use it. I figure I will have much more fun with the F1.