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Andrew McCarrick
09-20-2009, 05:42 PM
Just wondering if anybody knows if the Viper Film Stream camera has ever had an 35mm adapter put on it for a feature? Looking for sample footage from the camera with 35mm lenses.

I also need to know about the Post-Production process. How is the footage (shot in FilmStream mode) transferred and corrected to a viewable HD image? What kind of hardware/software is necessary?

09-24-2009, 05:16 PM
Hi Andrew,

I don't think anyone has used an adapter on the Viper. Some people would think of that as blasphemous!! Haha!! You could use a Letus or something, but you'd be the first if you were using it in a feature.

Usually, the most common lenses used with the Viper are the Zeiss Digiprimes/Digizooms. Wonderful lens, but they give you 16mm cinematography (designed for the 2/3 prism that the Viper has). I've used these lens for 99% of any Viper project. Fujinon makes some good lenses too, but IMHO they're not even close to the Zeiss.

As far as post is concerned, for you to shoot in Filmstream mode, you have a dual link HDSI cable recording onto a 444 recorder. You could go tape (HDCAM SR) with a Sony recorder or tapeless (Wafian, S.two, etc) and record 1080p DPX files onto a SSD. I use the S.Two system. Works like a charm.

Here's how my dept. handles the footage:
DPX files from the Flash Mags on the S.Two get batch captured to an first to a Mac Pro (with FCP7) via a fiber optic connection. The files are then rendered out as DVCPro HD, for dailies and offline edits. The XML list here is used for the final conform. Then the Mag goes to the XServe, where the rather large DPX files, gets stored on a big ass RAID, again via fiber optics. These DPX files are used for the negative pulls, CC, final conform and finish.

We do archive the contents of the Flash Mag into HDCAM SR tapes though.

For color correction, we currently use the raw DPX files (already 1080p, 10 bit, 444) straight out of the Flash Mag. No compression there.

Hope this helps.