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John C Lyons
08-30-2009, 07:48 AM

John C. Lyons
Lyons Den Productions
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Experience the award-winning, dramatic feature film


on DVD and Digital Download September 8, 2009


Erie, PA, August 18, 2009 – Lyons Den Productions is proud to announce the home entertainment release of “Schism”, their award-winning, dramatic feature film. Told from the perspective of the afflicted “Schism” is the story of one man’s decent into the world of Alzheimer’s dementia and has been praised by critics, audiences, and care professionals for its realistic portrayal of the disease, aging, and life in a long term care facility. Beginning September 8th 2009, for the first time, there will be two, region-free DVD options available for purchase.

A two-disc Special Edition DVD set containing the final cut of “Schism” and packed with bonus features, and a single-disc Limited Edition DVD featuring a longer version shown at festivals in 2008. Digital downloads will also be available at select retailers. Online outlets including Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B002L0C3AM/thelyonsden0f) and store.schismmovie.com (http://store.schismmovie.com) are already taking pre-orders for both editions. Care professionals, educators, and Alzheimer’s groups are urged to contact Lyons Den Productions directly for bulk order inquiries.

Writer/director John C. Lyons said of the film’s growing success, “Viewers have really responded to Schism and opened up to us about their own experiences with their loved ones. We are very excited to have the movie available on DVD for people to own and share with others. The bonus features are both informative and entertaining; we really feel there is something for everyone on this set!”

Two-Disc Special Edition “schism” DVD set includes: (http://store.schismmovie.com)
• 96 minute final cut of the film presented in widescreen with optional English subtitles
• Deleted/Extended scenes (18 minutes)
• Q&A highlights featuring the cast, crew, care professionals, and Alzheimer’s Association (73 minutes)
• Behind the Scenes footage (23 minutes)
• Outtakes and more!

Single-Disc Limited Edition “schism” DVD includes: (http://store.schismmovie.com)
• 109 minute cut of the film presented in widescreen

After a hip injury as a result of a fall, Neil Woodard (Terry T. Smith) enters a nursing facility unhappy with the changes occurring in his life. Initially uncooperative and insistent that he will return home once he recovers, he deals with the reality of no longer being a priority in his family's life, but discovers comfort and friendship in the residents and staff. However, he soon learns that all may not be as it seems. A docu-drama, “Schism” tells the story of a man’s descent into Alzheimer’s dementia. The three year production was shot at several locations in Erie Pennsylvania including Brevillier Village, an operational nursing facility.

Past screenings have included the Guelcher Film Series, Zero Film Festival Los Angeles (where it won the “Purple Heart Award”), Director’s Chair Festival NYC, Lancaster Area Film Festival, Edinboro Film Series, and classrooms across the country. “Schism” was written and directed by John C. Lyons, produced by Dorota Swies and John C. Lyons, and stars Terry T. Smith, Don Kirsch, and Ruth Thoma Andrews.

More information: www.schismmovie.com (http://www.schismmovie.com). IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1310664.

“Schism presents a stylist, sweet, heart-breaking nightmare.”
Chuck Palahniuk, author Fight Club and Choke

"A brilliant achievement"
Erie Times-News

“A touchingly tragic, poignant and moving tale that's likely to stay with you,
and perhaps spark some debate, long after the credits roll.
This is one film with a very loud voice, and it's begging to be seen.”

TWO-DISC SPECIAL EDITION “SCHISM” DVD SET (http://store.schismmovie.com)
(2) DVD – Region 0
Street Date: September 8, 2009
Copyright: 2009 Lyons Den Productions LLC
Price: $25.99
Running Time: 226 minutes

SINGLE-DISC LIMITED EDITION “SCHISM” DVD (http://store.schismmovie.com)
(1) DVD – Region 0
Street Date: September 8, 2009
Copyright: 2009 Lyons Den Productions LLC
Price: $18.99
Running Time: 109 minutes

ABOUT LYONS DEN PRODUCTIONS – Lyons Den Productions LLC is an independent production company created in 2004 by John C. Lyons and Dorota Swies, specializing in digital video entertainment and professional design services. Lyons Den Productions’ short film "Hunting Camp" (2005) was selected for several film festivals nationwide, winning Best of the Fest honors at two of them.

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