View Full Version : Neoscene issue using FCP on Mac - framerate bug?

08-13-2009, 07:47 PM
Hey guys,

I've been having some difficulty using Cineform Neoscene using the Cineform MOV wrapper. In the NeoScene remaster I set my settings to remove pulldown and to fix chroma and to output CF 422.

Once Neoscene is finished, I import my Neoscene fixed (CF422) MOV files into FCP but when I check on the clips format properties the framerate still indicates 59.94 fps!

Now when I do the exact same thing and instead use the Prores output MOV container then the clips format properties indicate a 23.98 fps and the footage is very clean.

The Cineform codec files that have the 59.94 fps has lots of macroblocking. Is FCP just reading the framerate incorrectly or does NeoScene have a bug?

Any help would greatly be appreciated