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07-17-2009, 08:44 AM
Surprised no one has been talking about the Samsung NX10 here. Sure, so far the camera specs are just a rumor... but so was the GH1 for months after it first showed up on DVXUser.


The good news/rumor: manual controls, autofocus during video mode, and 2-lens kit with body is only $780

The bad news/rumor: Only 30p video :(

The rumored specs from k-rumors.com are below:

Samsung NX10 will be available on the market on September or October
The price of 2-lens kit with body is USD $780
The body is a little thicker (compared to the NX shown in the youtube video) and slightly redesigned grip and EVF area
Ultra-Precise LED Electronic ViewFinder 16201080p/250Hz 3:2 resolution (most likely VGA level)
Cmos sensor 14.6 megapixel 3:2
100-6400 ISO
4 frame per second
Video HD 720p/30fps
Audio stereo
1X magnification and 100% coverage
3″ AMOLED 960720 (720p) 3:2 display with short response time
Very fast contrast AF
No in Body IS, but lenses IS
Three lenses, probably a 30mm fast lens and two zooms (one is the 18-55mm lens)
These lenses have double focus system: contrast AF motor-assisted and manual focus limited.
Samsung plans release 2 more lenses in December, one zoom and one prime.

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07-18-2009, 01:57 AM
At least let it have 720p @60fps as well.