View Full Version : working with proxies

07-07-2009, 11:12 AM
Any suggestions on ways to batch create proxies of raw footage, or tips on a good proxy based workflow?

Basically, if I use Voltaic to make a bunch of 24p WMVs, I'm left with large clips that yield arguably poorer performance in Premiere than the AVCHD originals.
This is despite Voltaic's claim that:

"The output files are uncompressed HD footage, making them easy to edit even on a Pentium4 with 1Gb of RAM."

Ideally Voltaic would have a 'make proxy' option, where two clips would be outputted, one being large and pretty, the other being scrub-able.

In lieu of that I'm looking at manually exporting half-res h264s from After Effects, but there's got to be a better workflow here.