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07-03-2009, 07:02 PM
Hey guys,
I'm a steadicam op and I'm shooting with the Z7U in a week and I only have a SD monitor on my rig so I was wondering if this camera can output an SD signal while recording in HD similar to the canon xha1? If not I'll have to rent a monitor.

Thanks in Advance!


Robert Ruffo
07-07-2009, 05:03 AM
Yes it does. Make sure you have the "AV-out" cable. It comes free with the camera, but is often lost by rental places. You also have to enable SD output in the menus.

08-05-2009, 03:03 AM
I'd highly recommend you to rent a HD monitor since it can get critical to focus HD video accurately with a SD monitor.

08-08-2009, 04:30 PM

When you come backwith your video, could you please tell us how you feel about this camera? Thanks!