View Full Version : How to use M2T files?

06-17-2009, 06:01 PM
I'm completely out of my league here & need help. The good folks at B&H told me that the Sony HVR-DR60 is easy to use & I can record HD video & since I have a mac I can just drag the files to a folder easily for editing in my favorite software & its compatible with my Sony HVR-V1U & I was hoping to ditch using tapes.

So I recorded a day of an event to the DR60 in HDV format as told by the sales guy. I got home later, tried to create a folder to uploaded them to that folder. when I opened the DR60, there were little folders inside. there were 3 types of files & the one I read online was the video one called an M2T file. I clicked it to see if I could view it & it wouldnt open so I tried to import it with Final Cut Pro and Imovie HD but neither of them are available & the option to choose those programs are kinda grayed out on my Macbook when I try to import it.

I am so confused. Does anyone know how to use this thing or is there software that I have to buy or download. Im so frustrated with everything. Can't anything just work like the sales guy says for just once? Every things a damed chore & I just spent so much money on it. Anyone have any idea? I did test it in DV mode & it did the same thing but 1 of the files in each folder was a quicktime file & it opened easily but the HDV mode is where its just not working for me.

Bummed out,