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Ben Digedig
05-25-2009, 02:45 AM
Sorry guys these stills dont de-interlace effectively in Photoshop - no idea why. Spoils it a lot, cars are not sharp (which they are) but, anyway...

Rally cars, end of the lens, fast follow action pans - is the building skewed/distorted?.

DVC Pro @ 50i, -3Db, DRS IN. My file settings (as detailed elsewhere - quite crushy on the blacks). Tried to keep around F8 mostly. Some shots with a x8 w/angle adaptor.
All (bar this naughty 'end of the lens' hand held shot) on tripod.

I see absolutely no issues with skew or rolling shutter at all (phew!).

Noise is not an issue.

The way it handles exposure latitude with DRS in is absolutely brilliant - love the puffy cloud skies with properly exposed faces. I love the lush rich colour (too strong for some I know).

Absolutely delighted in this SD, well lit scenario.:beer:


NO Photoshop or Colour correction or any other shenanigans!



05-25-2009, 06:49 AM
I am glad to read someone else is happy with this camera. I enjoy mine more every day. Also I picked up my DSR570 the other day put it on my shoulder and did the same kind of long lens pan left right skew test I did with the 300 and guess what I saw through the viewfinder ? skew. Yep the same kind of skew everyone is freaking out over ! Skew is always more pronounced in the viewfinder. I had never noticed any skew in my DSR570 vf until I actively looked for it. Granted it may just be the view finder but I wonder how many people are trialing this cam and judging it by the off the shoulder panning view finder test ?

05-25-2009, 08:19 AM
Howdy Ben,

Rally car racing rocks.... I bet it's fun to shoot as well.

Did you happen to shoot any of it in 1080P 24 ? I trust that skew is a non-issue in SD and even 720 for the most part, but I'm more concerned with skew in 1080. Anything to report there?


I went back and looked at the goodbadugly test, interesting to me is that the skew in the shot of your dog running around you isn't really objectionable to me. I suspect that pans that follow a subject in a linear pattern hide the skew better than the back and forth whip pans, such as the shots of the wrought iron fence with the roses. Does that make sense ?

A couple more questions:

1) Were you at the wide end of the lens when you were shooting the dog running around your feet ?

2) How about the wide shots of the fence, was that at widest focal length as well ? That skew was a bit more disconcerting, especially if you were indeed at the wide end. Of course, the camera movement was a bit exaggerated too.

The capacity for the footage to handle grading is pretty remarkable, a bit intoxicating actually.

thanks again.

David Saraceno
05-25-2009, 09:04 AM
I also am confused by the skew in the goodbadugly movie.

We don't shoot fast pans of picket or rail fences. We shoot action footage following a subject.

The dog looked good.

Love to see the footage of the rally cars.

05-25-2009, 09:32 AM
Thanks for posting this stuff, Ben. Obviously you shot 60i (or 50i) but yeah, I really don't get what's with the noise whiners. The 300 looks GOOD. If you know what you're doing you can get excellent footage out of it. I spent a little more time with it in Missouri and I really do not get what people are complaining about.

Ben Digedig
05-25-2009, 03:25 PM
Guys, I still have issues with Panasonic CMS prog not giving me any menu or 'text' on the buttons - otherwise I'd try to export a proper individual clip for you to see without any transcode.

Not my footage the dog/railings I'm afraid (although I have a dog 'scratching' in slo mo on an uploaded MP4 clip).

I EXPECTED skew on the background on the rally cars, but OK subject/foreground. Haven't seen any skew really. Maybe it is just a 1080 thing? Wonder how the cam produces an SD size image from a full size sensor - does it scan only a section of the CMOS, or does it 'shrink' it afterwards?

Noise is an issue Barry - it is intrinsically far noisier than more expensive 2/3" cams - and this is ironic as noise really busts bandwith when compressing...I never use any 'film effect' when editing for web/Flash! However I think my settings 'workaround' works well so far. I've had some stunning images and have $15k more left in the bank ;) I wont be going +9dB though - ever (but then you dont do you, on any cam - unless you expect noisy pics or have 'must get' reportage content where quality is far less important).


05-25-2009, 03:36 PM
Of course it's going to be noisier than a 2/3" cameras. I'm just saying that it's on par with 1/3" cameras.

There's folks saying that the camera produces bad images. I think your term ("stunning") is more like what I encountered.