View Full Version : Panasonic GH1 just 850 on Japanese Amazon

05-12-2009, 03:11 AM
Whilst waiting for the international model to come available in Taiwan where I am currently on holiday for 6 weeks I have been checking out prices with our Japanese friends, where Amazon has the camera for sale at 126,800 yen including taxes. :thumbup:

This works out at just 850 going from current exchange rates. The kit lens 14-140mm is of course included, camera is available in black, champaign or red and ships between 6 and 10 days. That's quite a big saving over the 1299 UK list price, and seems to have fallen significantly from the Japanese launch price of 149,000 yen.

I am considering having it shipped over to Taiwan as I can't wait until June for such an exciting *video* camera :)

I will sell my G1, and the 50-200mm lens is no longer needed, giving a welcome boost to my finances when I also sell my Canon HF100 camcorder :)

A few things are however unanswered:

Will the international unit hit Taiwan / Hong Kong before Europe and the USA? Is so, it would be worth waiting a week or so longer. Having browsed countless shops here in Hong Kong and Taiwan, nobody has it currently - not even an import from Japan.

Can the Japanese menus be changed to English with a firmware update, I have heard this is impossible - has anyone found otherwise? :huh:

Does it record 720p at 60i instead of 50i? Is that a benefit (slow mo) that outways the negative in workflow, conversion to 25p, etc. And what of 1080p - is that 25p or 24p? Are there any other NTSC quirks I need to be aware of?

Can anyone recommend a good shipping service, whereby the goods are bought in Japan and sent on your behalf to another country? I have found one that purchases your item and ships for 6000 yen which is a pricey 61, although I think that includes import duties and tax, etc. The advantage is however you can pay by PayPal which may go someway toward negating the stingy bank exchange rates, typically 140 yen to the pound, rather than the current rate of 150.

05-12-2009, 04:33 AM
Hey, what's the shipping service you're referring to? Is it Pricejapan?

I personally would prefer to wait, but it's so long!