View Full Version : Why you shouldn't worry buying a DSLR video camera now

joe 1008
05-11-2009, 02:00 PM
Just to get a bit the pressure out of the discussion, now that we know the GH1 is great but far from perfect. So are, each one in it's own way, the 5D Mark II the D90 and so on:

Have in mind that 80% of your investment won't go into the camera. Cage, follow focus, external sound device and microphone, matte box, lenses and so on will eat up the biggest part of your cash. OK, many of us already own some of that gear, but probably as many will have to get the whole packet.

The proportion of these devices on your bill has grown dramatically compared to the times of the classic prosumer camcorder.

Consider the DSLR as the "brain" of your "camera". If something better is out, sell it and get the next generation. You won't loose so much money. And you can upgrade your equipment step by step. Even the lenses are compatible with most brands at the price of little workarounds.

Don't worry, go, get your camera (whichever you consider the best choice for you) and make great movies.