View Full Version : Need help with Lens Adapter Solutions & Autofocus Lenses

05-04-2009, 08:31 AM
Hi all,
Greetings from Bangladesh!! I'm thinking about investing on an HPX300 but I'm researching on 35mm lens adapters for this camera. I've scoured through all the posts online and came up with the PS Technik Mini35C being the only solution available.

I really wanted Redrock Micro's M2 adapter but the company mailed me back saying that the M2 is not meant for ENG (detachable lens) cameras, but they have had people make it work, although they do not test or guarantee compatibility. Anyone here who made this setup work without the Fujinon lens??

Also, the stock fujinon lens can't autofocus, so does anyone have any suggestions about an ENG lens (cheap) that can be used so I can do steadicam shots without a remote focus puller?

Thanks guys....