View Full Version : Searching For My New Camera

04-27-2009, 04:35 PM
My head is going every direction in trying to decide what camera to get. XL2, XHA1, HVX200, how do I make a final decision?! I will be using the camera for narratives and possibly skate videos, but that's it. This isn't for commercials or any of that. I will most likely buy a lens adapter sometime after getting the camera (have to save up the money). I have a very good computer and editing system, I'm not rich, I'm 20, I'm in school, what do you recommend? I can provide any and all information needed to anyone that thinks they can help me make the best decision. I bought a GL2 two years ago and was very pleased with it at the time, but I have definitely outgrown it and need something much more high-end. HELP!

note: when thinking about price, I will be buying whatever I decide to get used, either off of dvinfo or dvxuser.

Alan Bradley
04-27-2009, 05:10 PM
The XL2 would be a real bear to handle riding along for a skate vid. The HVX200 has great overcrank (slowmo) and 60P, not to mention very smooth colors for skate videos. It is not the lightest or easiest to handle but is a solid choice if you want to film any skate footage. The XH-A1 is also very nice. But if I were to go out and catch any backside 180's today, it would be with a Panasonic AG-HMC150. Very light, great picture and cheap recording media. It can do it all. But any of the choices listed, excluding the XL2, would be more than adequate for skate flicks, and/or short narratives. The XL2 is very good for short films only though. But for skating, I'd lean towards the HVX or the HMC150 though.