View Full Version : Artifacting: camera's fault or the DVCPRO HD codec?

Allen Ellis
04-05-2009, 06:28 PM

Just got my HMC150 Friday, and I'm having a blast with it so far!

I'm using Panasonic's free MainConcept AVCHD -> DVCPRO HD converter and bringing the result into After Effects. When I zoom in I notice some artifacting and I'd appreciate a second look from someone.

Here's a scaled-down screenshot:


Particularly I'm noticing two areas here: blocky artifacts, and what I believe is chromatic aberration.

1) Blocky artifacts
Here's a zoom-in of the red shirt, enhanced with some sharpening:


Especially on the brighter, center section of her shirt, notice the 8px-tall rows that remind me of interlacing. But this is progressive footage. Should I expect such artifacts from all AVCHD footage? I'm hoping it's DVCPRO HD's fault and when I can edit native AVCHD I won't have them.

2) Discolored edges -- check it out:

Notice how the left edges are green and the right edges are red. Am I right - this is chromatic aberration? I think this is zoomed at 13x which exaggerates such artifacting.


Perhaps I'm being overly critical here, and I'm not horrified by the results, though I would appreciate any feedback from folks who know if such problems are preventable. I used stock settings with scene file 3 ("spark").

Here's an uncompressed still:

Thanks in advance!