View Full Version : Advice On A $500-600 Camera

04-02-2009, 11:20 PM
My requirement is HDMI out while still maintaining the recording environment. Some cameras turn off the on camera display when HDMI output is enabled with an HDMI cable connected.

The desire is to have a camera capable of a good picture without going overboard on the price. Ideally it would have a relatively large sensor to minimize diffraction issues. AVCHD recording at a decent rate would be nice.

Few cameras in this range offer full manual control. Some offer no way to turn off automatic gain. Some have ridiculously small sensors.

The current candidates are:

Canon HF100: Last years model records AVCHD 1080i to 16Mb/s SDHC. Optical image stabilization. 1/3.2 2Mp sensor. Aperture or shutter priority, but no way to turn off gain; just workarounds to trick it. $530.

Sanyo YPC-FH1: New this month. 1/2.5 sensor. Full manual control including gain at different level (ISO numbers). Something records to 1080p however the documentation says that is 1080p60. What is 1080p60. 1080p30 records to 16Mb/s. Previous model disabled the screen on camera when HDMI was connected and not recording. Cute 200 and 600 fps modes. $410.

JVC HM200: brand new...not yet in the stores. 1/4.1 6Mp sensor. Records 1080p60 (again) to 24Mb/s AVCHD (same chip as the Sanyo?). Very compact. Gain can be probably be turned off, some manual control. $580

Sony CX100: Tiny, as is the 1/5.1 sensor. Exposure compensation. $580.

Canon HF200 or HF S100: New models saving 1080p30 to 24 Mb/s AVCHD. Same limited manual control as the HF100. The HF200 has a 1/3.2 3Mp sensor, the HF S100 a 1/2,7 4Mp sensor. Other than the AVCHD bandwith I can't think of any reason to get them over the HF100.

I am being thrown by the possiblity the Sanyo won't have a usable HDMI output and the 1080p60 concept...never heard of it before yesterday.

Any suggestions?