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04-02-2009, 09:16 AM
I'm moving up from the robust and tough DVX-100Bp to a newer cam. Some how the hvx 200 is calling me but I'm not sure. I'm looking at the 150 and looking more at 150... becoming more tempted to go for the 150... but eager to know the difference between both ( 200 Vs 150). In quality, versatile, price, and all.

04-02-2009, 09:33 AM
sold my hvx200 to get the hmc150. the only thing i miss is interval recording. everything else i'm more than happy with.

04-02-2009, 10:16 AM
The only problem I have come up against with the HMC is clients don't know the camera and are resistant to renting it. It took the HVX a year to catch on.

04-02-2009, 10:57 AM
I work mostly on Docs to give you an idea of the work I would use the cam for... I now the 150 is the newer cam but what is the difference, what make them apart...example.( I can get the 200 for $1,599.00 and the 150 for $2,599.00) in Other words if you can convince me to go for the 150 instead of the 200.
Yea that's just the cameras and stock stuff... in order for me to operate the 200 I know I would need the p2 cards that run around a K or buy the Fs-100 hard drive ( that's over K) and for the 150 uses the regular SD Chips you can find any where...but the 150 is a little more costly.

04-02-2009, 11:13 AM
interval recording?

Allen Ellis
04-02-2009, 11:34 AM
Ask Justyn - he used to own an HVX but fell in love with the HMC.

04-02-2009, 11:48 AM
Justyn hmmmm? so hmmmm come on guys I love the fact that it is lighter but tell me I would like to hear it from you that has the experience on the 150

Allen Ellis
04-02-2009, 12:00 PM
I don't know if he reads all the forums, but I'd recommend finding his profile and searching all his posts. I know he's talked about the difference a lot in the past.

04-02-2009, 12:26 PM
OK, I'll tell you my experience. I have an HVX200A, up until a few days ago had an HVX200, and have an HMC150. (And a DVX!). The HMC150 replaced ONE of the HVXs, but I find a need for both.

1. HMC footage at this point takes a lot more time and effort to work with. Some projects I work on require fast turnaround (I tend to deliver a finished product, not raw footage), and that would be simply impossible in many cases with the HMC, but easy with the HVX. I work on Macs, which require transcoding, but that's not really the issue.... in native editing, all current computers are significantly slow with AVCHD on all platforms. But the raw power required for any operation, even final transcoding to delivery format, takes much more time. Shooting SD on the HVX, for SD delivery, provides a superfast workflow which can't be matched on the HMC.

2. For those clients that DO want raw footage, many aren't familiar with AVCHD, which anyway is a little cutting edge and risky these days. Not risky in that anything seems likely to go wrong if you handle it right, but risky in that I don't yet have confidence that I can hand AVCHD material over to a client and have the client properly handle it.

3. I just haven't used the HMC with a stable editing system long enough to have as much faith in it as I have in the HVX.

4. I like to have the ability to record great, high-quality 16:9 footage to tape. In many cases that's exactly what I need (or what a client wants), and to get footage onto a miniDV tape from the HMC is an arduous lengthy process.

5. Not necessarily a general big issue, but audio on the HVX has at least two major advantages. First, it records uncompressed where audio on the HMC is AAC-compressed; secondlly, the JVX records 4 tracks of audio vs. the HMC's two. While two of the four tracks are always the internal mics, this provides in many situations a useful, if "last resort" backup; and when using mics far away (eg, when recording an opera), I can comment verbally to the camera mics any production notes I may need or collect a live "commentary" track.

On the other hand...

6. The media cost for the HMC opens up whole new worlds, literally. There are many long-form projects I now shoot in HD that I couldn't on the HVX. And I've almost completely stopped carrying around computers and drives for direct capture or offloading in the field. I carry enough SD cards to record 10 or 12 hours.... I certainly can't yet afford anywhere near that with P2.

7. The HMC is smaller and lighter, often an advantage both in operation and transportation (though while people have often been impressed by the size and heft of the HVX, noone's yet been particularly iompressed by the form factor of the HMC... if that type of perception matters).

8. The HMC has noticeably better focus assist.

9. The HMC seems to have much better battery life.

10. Much of my work involves storing raw materials for a long time before finalizing the project. This is for me one of the greatest benefits of the HMC... the size of the raw materials makes archiving and storage a relative breeze; the price of the media allows those to be archived as well when it seems like a good idea.

11. DRS is sometimes really useful

As you see, nothing about imagery here for me.... I think they're pretty comparable (the HMC is a little sharper in 720, but they're very close). For the work I do, the AVCHD vs. DVCProHD has never been an issue... no artifacts, etc,even in the HG mode that I use most (at a 1/30 shutter for an progressive effect). Both cameras produce beautiful imagery.

So, the issue for me comes down to workflow, and I have clear use for BOTH. You won't go wrong with either of these cameras, and I'd say you can get the same end-result from either. So think about the situations you'll be in and the workflows most convenient for them, and the decision should be clear...

04-02-2009, 12:50 PM
Awesome that's what I was looking for wauu. Cool guys this is what I needed... thanks a mil. Final quest. Where can I purchase on line cheap?

Allen Ellis
04-02-2009, 01:07 PM
B&H has a pretty good price of $3199 (add it to your cart to see that price). A few vendors around the forums are offering $3149. Don't buy it for much less, that'd very likely be a scam.

04-02-2009, 09:27 PM
I can get the 200 for $1,599.00 and the 150 for $2,599.00 ...but the 150 is a little more costly.

Also, I wanted to say... this is NOT the case. Those prices are scams at best. A new HVX will cost more than a new HMC from any reputable seller. Used HVX's (original, not "A" revisions) in good condition are hovering around $3000 at the lowest; not too many used HMCs on the market as of yet.

So: the HVX is more costly up front, and much more costly per minute of media.

Seriously, any price below $4695 for a new HVX, or $3100 for a new HMC, is certain to be a scam of some sort.


David Saraceno
04-03-2009, 08:53 AM
Awesome that's what I was looking for wauu. Cool guys this is what I needed... thanks a mil. Final quest. Where can I purchase on line cheap?

The best prices for Panasonic authorized cams run about $3145 for the 150 and $5K for the HVX200a. A little less for the 170.

Anything significantly lower, such as what you indicated in an earlier post, is a scam pure and simple.

04-03-2009, 01:01 PM
(Except for B&H's $4695 price on the 200A, which I and many others can vouch for as legitimate!)