View Full Version : Timecode sync question

04-01-2009, 06:55 PM
So I just got my HPX300p and am very impressed with it
so far.

I have some HVX200 cams and I was wondering if the following
would work (for timecode sync).

1. Connect the genlock and TC/in
2. Put the 300 in F-Run mode.
3. Turn on bars or some video signal.
4. Set the appropriate 1394 format.
5. Hook up the 200 to the 300 (via Firewire).
6. Press the TC-SET on the 200.

If I read the manual right, the 300 should sync to the genlock
/ TCin and emit the code out on the 1394 so the 200's can
sync to it.

Am I reading this right?