View Full Version : Which Camera to get....

02-21-2009, 02:58 PM
Hey everyone,

For a while I've been looking to buy a new camera. After some research I initially went for the Canon HV30, but recently I have read some topics in which people strongly prefer the Canon HF10. I am now in doubt which of the two would be better suited for my purposes...

The camera will be used for shooting at events (sometimes low light, so I am planning on getting a SWIT light), interviews and also a bit of family-videoing. The final videos will be posted on a website, in good quality. Since I am also planning on buying a Rode VideoMic (or something similar) and probably a handheld mic too, sound quality of the camera's on-board microphone isn't really an issue.

Also, the ability to make IR movies would be nice, but it is a plus, not neccisity. I know this can't be done with Canon cameras.

There isn't a medium that I really prefer, but I have heard the HDD's of videocamera's can crash. I plan to edit with Adobe Aftereffects. If anyone is interested, this is my laptop (which I will probably use for editting).

My budget is 700 euros (which in shops means 700 dollars) for just the camera, no accesoires included. If you know any camcorder other than the HV30 or HF10 with similar or better quality for that price, that would be awesome to hear about too.

Thanks in advance :)