View Full Version : I'm on a tight budget...

02-14-2009, 01:11 AM
any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

I've got roughly $1000 I can spend. My question is what should I really be spending this money on?

Here's the limited amount of equipment I already have:
Macbook Pro w/2gb of ram
Canon PV GS65 (http://www.camcorder-compare.com/panasonic-pv-gs65.html) (scroll down for specs)
Cad M179 condenser mic, Shure SM58, mic boom, cables..
400 gb 7200 rpm external hard drive

Unless I can find the top, no tripod as of now. I read a Velbon DV-7000 is a good one, any thoughts or suggestions?

I'm primarily looking to make shorts and music videos to upload to vimeo/youtube for now. For the past 3 months I've been writing lots of ideas down, but I haven't fleshed anything out into a script.

So what should I do? Stick with my camera and buy some accessories, or go for a low-end HD camera like a hv20 (~$450) or 30 (~$600) without much money to play around with? Or should I go for a used DVX-100 and slowly build up accessories (of course a tripod will be necessary regardless). I'm also considering selling a Alesis firewire mixer I have which would increase my budget to ~$1500..

This is the first video (http://www.vimeo.com/3208542) I've made in a long time. The quality of the rendered video is quite a bit better than the one that shows up on vimeo but oh well (you can only see maybe half the birds that were actually filmed). Let me know what you think :)