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11-28-2008, 09:02 AM
I just took delivery of a HMC151E (European version of 150) today and after an afternoon of testing I must say I'm pretty impressed. I updated the FCP 6.0.5 update and everything has been pretty plain sailing so far except for some very large dropouts on 720 25p footage which seems to be quite common from what I have read on the forums.

That aside all other modes work very well and transfer is much easier than the old HDV route of Log & Capture which used to take for ever! I must say that I was a little dubious about this format and so nearly chose a HPX171 instead but once I balanced up the cost of the P2 media and did some research on the 150 on here, It became a no brainer and boy am I relieved I picked this baby.

When I'm using this size of camcorder it tends to be for a more gorilla style of filmaking and I needed something that doesn't weigh a ton and can turn it's 3'ccds to a bit of low light magic and for the first time since my beloved PD150 bit the dust, I have finally found a comparable camera in HD world. The Z1 before it was ok in low light but once the old wide angle converter was attatched it became an unbalanced behemoth and was a real pain to handhold for any length of time. Coupled with the fact that it chose to back focus whenever it saw fit It became more of a hinderence than a help and I decided to take a leap of faith on panasonic and trade it in.

Viewing clips back to back on my 23" HD monitor the advantage of the AVCHD codec over HDV is pretty clear on it's own. The noise, when it does arrive is much more filmlike and nowhere near as blatant to my eye. The Panny handles much much nicer and although it takes a little getting used to the new layout etc, but as the day has progressed I am really getting into the swing of things to the point that I can't remember what my old fat piggy looked like.

I would love to know if there are any hints or tips out for getting the best from the scene modes? Will the HVX200 settings apply? I like the look of the cine modes but they seem a little to dark and flat off the bat, but is this because it gives you more flexability when it comes to grading? And all of my scene modes are set with a 1/48 shutter speed as standard which I assume is perfect for 24p, but I would have thought at 25p the logical shutter speed would be 1/50?

I know from reading here that alot of people say that 720p is this cameras sweet spot but to my eye the 1080p appears a little sharper but to be fair as my computer doesn't seem to like that footage very much so it could be the transfer stage that is producing a softer image.

Anyhow, I'm over the moon with my purchase and can't wait to try and create some more useable presets. The low cost of the media is a great bonus, meaning that on important work I can use the Cards like tape stock and never reuse them.

Thanks to all those that have already posted their feedback on this camera as it has come in very handy the last few days.

11-28-2008, 11:14 AM
Congrats, could i ask you a favour. Which wide angle did you have foryour z1? if its the century 0.7 could you hold it infront of the hmc and see if it has any focusing issues. I want to buy this camera, and might end upbeing given one of those lenses and want to machine a new mount for it instead of trying to swop for one or just selling it.

thanks a million

11-28-2008, 02:54 PM
Sorry dude I traded it all in for the 150. :cry:

12-01-2008, 01:12 PM
Congrats on the camera, but I've got to say comparing hdv to AVCHD isn't fair when using the z1. The z1 was the first hdv and it's widely reported to be the worst as far as the format is concerned, it isn't true 1440x1080 and has a much weaker form of hdv conpression.

The hmc150 is a much better camera than the z1 but the z1 never should have been the poster boy for hdv either.