View Full Version : How well is the HMC 150 and AVCCAM Doing?

11-24-2008, 11:36 AM
Does anyone know or has anyone heard if the 150 is doing well sales-wise?
I'm wondering if AVCHD really will replace HDV in terms of both popularity, continued growth and support.

Or is it too early to tell?

Has anyone heard of other camera makers coming to market with Pro-sumer or Pro level AVCHD cameras?

matt s.
11-24-2008, 12:29 PM
I would say its too early to tell as the camera has only been out for 2 months or so. The little update from Apple and FCP aimed at the 150 is a good sign. I think once evrything gets caught up with native editing AVCHD will be here to stay as its a much better codec then HDV mpeg2.

11-24-2008, 12:34 PM
I think that it's probably doing well, but this economy doesn't help sales. There's probably still a lot of people shooting SD and might not be able to jump into HD, but when they do.. this is a great camera for that leap. I personally couldn't wait to get out of shooting SD and cringe when I have to do it now

11-24-2008, 01:32 PM
I'm sure there are still a lot of people who are waiting to make the transition to AVCHD after all of the bugs and qwerks get worked out with the editing workflow. Like Justyn said, many people also may not need to shoot in HD just yet, but at the cost of an HMC150, I don't know how you couldn't justify the upgrade and just resize the video in the meantime.

As a format, AVCHD has already done much better than HDV in the consumer market, considering the availability of solid state recording options. How many consumer camcorders can you think of that you can buy at BestBuy that shoot HDV to tape? On the contrary, there are a bunch of models, and manufacturers utilizing the AVCHD codec.

This format should also prove to be a worthy "PRO" choice over the next year or two as more popularity is gained from cameras like the HMC150. Cheap media, long record times, better compression than HDV, fantastic picture quality, support from software developers, etc... It certainly isn't going to be going away anytime soon. Well at least not until the Moving Picture Experts Group develops the MPEG-8 format.

11-24-2008, 02:13 PM
nice post DCG. I personally love it and the prores option in FCP is sweet. It's everybit as good as my old HVX footage without all of the noise and the low light quality is really pretty darn good. I am also able to leave footage on cards way longer than I could with P2. I'd be swapping and offloading like crazy and now I can leave things on the cards till I'm done cutting... There's some piece of mind in that.. and if you had a really important shoot, the 4 and 8 gig cards are so cheap, they make a great archival solution.. atleast for the workflow period...