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11-20-2008, 12:43 PM
Hi Everyone,

We are in some initial stages of planning for NAB and it always comes down to wanting new footage to share with customers on the show floor. We would be happy to put your name and company name, project name burned into every frame, lower right hand corner. So for 4 straight days your images would be a part of the Panasonic booth. I am not looking for huge amounts of footage, just a couple of minutes, needs to G rated but some PG if no sexy scenes, just scary ones are used. Some things that have worked in the past are trailers for films, a short scene from a film, but don't let these ideas limit you. Just needs to be pretty, compelling or interesting.

It has to have been shot with the Panasonic cameras and we would need the original files or the clips that you have edited recorded back to an MXF file or AVCHD so that we can edit them together in a big loop. We would put the names and credits in.

Anyhow if you have something that is worth strutting your stuff about contact me via Private Message.

Hope to hear from you,