View Full Version : Umm, guys, I think I may have found something...

Zack Birlew
11-06-2008, 02:37 PM
Okay, so I got curious last night while playing with my D90. I was practicing trying to get consistently clean low light results with the AE Lock method and I got to thinking, "Well, my HV20 required an exposure hack. It's a CMOS camera with auto gain, the D90 is a CMOS camera with auto gain (ISO/Shutter), why wouldn't the old trick work on the new camera?"

So, I got out my cell phone, loaded up my solid white picture and set it as my wallpaper, set the lens down to f/5.6, and held it in front of the camera as I switched to Live View. As soon as the camera adjusted, I locked it. I opened the lens up a bit (f/1.2 in my case with a 50mm 1.2) and voila! Clean footage! I tried it again and again and it worked out the same. Granted, I think I have to play around with what I set my cell phone brightness to in order to get more accurate results.

I have my cell phone on +3 brightness, the best setting for my HV20, but I think I may have to lower it to +2 or so to brighten things up a bit because I know it should be brighter, at least for all natural low lighting situations. What I did do was press the AE Lock button on and off real quick as soon as I saw it go up a stop or so, still clean and brighter, hence why I think I have to adjust my cell phone brightness.

So, again, another method for clean footage.

11-06-2008, 02:46 PM
Remember that adjusting the +/- also moves the shutter. That's outlined in the thread at the top.