View Full Version : HMC with 16x9inc Fisheye

10-09-2008, 04:45 AM
If I didn't buy one, I'd be looking for example fisheye footage, so for all your folks out there looking for some sample footy, here you go!


I'm super busy at the moment so please excuse the quality of the footage and the horrible titles! I will try to get some real clips tomorrow and over the weekend and I'll post some more stuff up on Vimeo for you guys to take a look at.

The HMC combined with the 16x9inc .45x fisheye is really wide and has some vignetting visible at Z00 which is zoomed out at Z05, possibly before but I didn't have a good chance to check it out yet. I don't know how this would compare to a Century Ultra or Extreme, but I'm extremely happy! Not to mention that you can zoom through to about 22mm on the HMC (not that it's ideal by any means but sometimes a clip is better than no clip).

Hopes this helps some of you!

10-09-2008, 06:04 AM
awesome, thanks for posting this up. right now i'm using the hvx200 w/16x9 .45x so i was wondering what that lens would be like on the 150. i'll hopefully be making my purchase in about 2 weeks once my hvx sells. looking forward to seeing some more clips.