View Full Version : Anyone in the Niagara Area have this camera?

09-16-2008, 04:43 PM
PM if you are in the Niagara Area (Ontario Canada) with this camera - want to test the Lytecap on it.

09-25-2008, 12:37 PM
Anyone is the niagara region, oakville, burlington, mississauga want to test this out with the Lytecap?

Park Edwards
09-25-2008, 12:52 PM
I can test it out for you and mail it back?

09-25-2008, 02:26 PM
I would prefer to be there with you to test it....what do you think?

Park Edwards
09-25-2008, 02:32 PM
No idea what you have in mind but if no one in the area has one, let me know and I'll do whatever tests you need. I might end up buying it if it works.

09-25-2008, 02:58 PM
Ok thanks. I want to try this out to see if I can set the aperture/exposure using the lytecap just like it works with the HV20...

12-06-2008, 02:33 PM

Did you get any takers? Two of us have just finished creative shorts 5 and 10 day shoots with the d90. And exposure locking was very disruptive and a major pain.

Can you tell me how we would deal with different lens sizes?

What is the diameter and is it a slide-on to the canon?

I know my 28,35,50 all have a 52mm filter size. The 85mm and 135 separately bigger, and the 50-300mm f4.5 is an insane 95mm.

Most people in low-light with the d90 will be shooting a 50mm 1.4mm nikon. So at the worst, a single cap to suit that would be a huge step forward.

If it meant 3 different caps, at the price they are it would be ok with price, just not the bulk of carrying them all around in the lens case maybe...

I usually have matte box rings on all of them though, bringing them all the the same size. (around 95 mm. - to suit a formatt 600 matte box.) This gives them a flush surface on the front. Especially for the 28-50mm sizes, there is quite an area from 52mm>95mm to push up against.

I don't have the matte box on for indoors shooting usually, which is where the exposure locking becomes a problem.

So if the lytecap could be adapted (could be as simple as finding a mattebox ring to match the screwthread or rough diameter), then the two would fit together totally flush!

If it's a slide on, you could even get a matte box ring which has a filter thread (screw on type) then use some sort of filter spacer to fit the inside diameter of the lytecap.

Another possibility is to use a clamp on matte box adapter. They come in different sizes. So get one that can clamp onto the lytecap, that could then flush it to the mattebox screwin adapter on the end of the lens.

Since they are cnc machined, it will be a close dark fit. You could simply put 3 little hang tabs on the top of the ring sandwitch 10, 12 and 2 oclock, and it would hang flush and be easily removed.... Then it would fit all lens.

Happy to test or even buy a unit for $30 to test. I am only in hawaii for another 9 days though, then in oz. So timing for me might be wrong.

Again, all for moot until we confirm it's useful. I'd send on to Thebes or Car3o stat. Doesn't look like it is getting fixed anytime soon from nikon, and the canon 5dmkii looks like its having similar issues. Since most canon users seem to be using nikon glass on it :) then using mattebox adapters to adapt your product is probably cost effective. Hell, I'd even use it gaffing a mattebox ring to it and gaffing picture hooks to it to hang over the mattebox rings if I thought it was going to make a huge problem easier to deal with.

Park Edwards
12-07-2008, 12:43 PM
does the lyte cap act as a grey card? i can't find much on it.

12-07-2008, 02:01 PM
Thats my hope in regards to locking exposure. Makes some sense. When I am pointing the camera around the room, often it does not start messing with exposure in low light until I come across even a small lit source in the frame. Then it starts adjusting. So hit and miss, and have to mess with framing to do it.
Having said that I've not revisted all the other methods, using a grey card in even/xx? lighting to get a result. I kinda got lost in the different methods and decided to hang back until there was some sort of consesus. Plus a few people were saying things like, ahhh screw all that, can't chance exposure issues, so let the camera have it's way and lock it. Was working for some people, and would generally work for me in good light, or when I wasn't trying to match different setups for the same scene...

Did the active forum members arrive at a consesus.... was there a poll? :)

Park Edwards
12-07-2008, 02:37 PM
A guy here locked exposure using the screen to his cell phone. I'm gonna try that. Load up different shades, or ajdust the brightness on the screen, to change my exposure. Without having to change framing.

John Sandel
12-07-2008, 06:59 PM
does the lyte cap act as a grey card? i can't find much on it.

Do you want to know how the thing works, or what users think of it? For the former, you may've seen the maker's site:


He has FAQs http://www.lytecap.com/faq.htm
He has a blog http://lytecap.blogspot.com/
He has "how-to" videos http://www.lytecap.com/multimedia.htm

For what users think, I can't find much, either. At least in forums.

Park Edwards
12-07-2008, 10:34 PM
does the OP check the forum any?

I emailed him see if he responds.

I think bearing was going to work on a cap that dims light to adjust shutter speed...bearing, you still thinking of doing that?

12-26-2008, 03:29 AM
DavidD (http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/member.php?u=9950): just checking, what is the current progress/status of the lytecap?

Park Edwards
12-26-2008, 07:17 PM
i emailed this dude...he's not doing anything with the d90 until someone meets up with him. i offered to buy one and if it worked i'd keep it, but he won't accept returns if it doesn't.

12-26-2008, 09:16 PM
i wonder if the existing one would work, somehow gaffer taped to a ring that can be linked to the nikon lenses/mattebox, whatever is in front of the camera...

i think even the existing one will have some kind of solid pattern for d90 controls...

uh.... if someone developed this for d90 it would be a standout accessory for sure...

Park Edwards
12-26-2008, 09:20 PM
check the lowlight thread. some progress there