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08-26-2008, 09:39 PM

“The Accidental Hitman”

This is a comedy action adventure with an interesting twist. We have a guy who keeps killing people accidentally, is it an accident or is he really a trained killer working for a black opps division of the federal government?

Micky O’Neil – Early to Mid 20’s Tall, Dark, Handsome Yet slightly awkward and Quirky CAST (Tom Marshall)

Carrie O’Neil – Strong motherly voice CAST (Angela Condon)

Man who gets hit by car – Older Mafioso type Mid to Late 40’s CAST (Jeremiah Rounds)

Dark Figure (Death) – Tall, Thin, Lanky

Thug #1 – Men-in-black Type ex military or ex law enforcement Any Age Cast (William Cash)

Thug #2 – Men-in-black Type ex military or ex law enforcement Any Age CAST (Jason Sanders)

Woman #1 – 30’s Thin, nervous, edgy

Woman #2 – Late 20 early 30’s Confident Working class woman in control and very pushy (Angela Condon)

Robert – Late 20’s early 30’s Cubicle Dweller, Geeky very uncool and not confident Cast (Jason Cerswell)

Sweet Librarian #1 – Tough, physical but not to intimidating CAST (Lisa Rounds)

Sweet Librarian #2 – Kill Bill (UMA) type

If you have a desire to be considered for any of these roles please send contact information along with resume and headshot to Paul Condon at paul@rkrcvideoproductions.com or on myspace.com/ltkondontaiveska. Or PM me here on dvxuser.com.