View Full Version : Possible potential TwilightFest script

Captain Pierce
07-17-2008, 04:59 PM
That sounded confident, didn't it? :undecided

Anyway, I say "possible" because A) it's not done yet (but it's getting there) and B) I'm not 100% sure it fits the fest (the idea actually came to me originally for TimeFest, but too late to do anything with). The working title is "One More Last Chance," and it's about a guy who gets the titular chance, but then of course it doesn't work out exactly as expected.

Should be fairly simple to shoot: two interiors, two exteriors (although one could use a special effect or two for a shot).

As a "writing sample," I can offer into evidence my entries into the DVXUser ScriptFests, as seen in my sig.

PM me if you have any interest in learning more... :)

Captain Pierce
08-22-2008, 09:03 PM
OK, one bump and then I'm done. :)

I actually have another idea that I think is pretty well started even though it's been written in about the last five hours. :D Haven't settled on a title, but it would be something like "Somewhere Between Frozen Foods and the Walk-In Beer Cooler."

And, not that anybody cares, but I haven't entirely given up on the original idea either. Although the two do share certain elements, and honestly I think this one works better...