View Full Version : My/our latest project with JVC and RedRock

06-01-2008, 08:47 AM
Hello all,

I would like to present a 1 minute teaser for my latest project. The teaser is for a 3-part web series for Donruss Trading Cards, an NFL licensed maker of collectible trading cards. We went to the LA Coliseum and interviewed the top 34 rookies from the NFL draft and then shot B-roll of them catching, passing and running the ball.

Brad Herbert was my DP. A great deal of credit goes to him.

We shot on a JVC HD GY110u and GY200u both outfitted with RedRock adaptors and varying Nikon lenses ranging from fixed focals of 18mm to 300mm and some zoom stuff as well. The 110 was shot at 720 24p and the 200 at 720 60p for slow motion. Edited on Vegas 7.

I would appreciate any constructive criticism and comments you are willing to provide as we are always looking to improve.

here's the link: