View Full Version : EX1 Air Museum and Iwo Jima Memorial 1080 24p EX1 stock lens

05-28-2008, 06:20 PM
Over the weekend I went to the New England Air Museum and Iwo Jima Memorial. These are public places and I could not bring a proper tripod (so there is little camera movement -- sorry!).

The museum interior was not always lit well, but the EX1 captured some good images (IMHO). I shot 1080 24p and did some basic color correction in Final Cut Pro. I then made an H264 file and put it on the web.

I also brought the camera into work and played the footage on a 50 inch Panasonic HD plasma monitor (a much better monitor than I have at home). It looked very good (clean and crisp).

To view the footage, I ran the video into the Panasonic monitor by opening the Avid capture tool. I went SDI into the system and the monitor was fed HD component out via the Avid breakout box. I had to create a 1080i project to view the footage (1080 24p was not an option on the system because I don't have a tri level sync generator).

Quick question: will 1080i look as good as 1080p fed to the monitor? Perhaps I should have run the component HD out of the camera directly to the monitor to compare (does the camera output 1080p via the component HD cable or just 1080i?).

Any other way to get 1080p to the HD monitor (it only has a component HD conection)? I hope this question makes sense. I am just trying to figure out how to see the highest resolution my camera can output on a monitor.

Here's the web file: