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05-09-2008, 11:47 AM
Zacuto Now Offering Post NAB HD Video Camera Rental Specials

Zacuto Rentals, a leading provider of HD video cameras and accessories (http://www.zacuto.com/) is announcing three camera rental packages at substantially discounted rates - prices good thru May, 2008. Those fortunate enough to have attended the NAB 2008 show and also visited Zacuto’s booth will have seen their fabulous equipment. But now anyone can benefit from these Post-NAB special prices on Zacuto rental packages:

Package 1:
Panasonic HVX200 DOF Package w/a Letus Extreme
Now $800 a day (usually $1000 a day.)

The new Letus35 Extreme DOF adaptor allows you to achieve the shallow depth of field that motion picture cameras have and that DPs look for. Zacuto’s rental package includes the Letus35 Extreme adaptor, the HVX200 HD video camera, lenses, monitors, follow focus, matte Box, support, and storage.

View Panasonic HVX200 DOF Rental Package w/a Letus Extreme:

Package 2:
Panasonic Varicam ENG Package w/ Tripod and On-Board Monitor
Now $800 a day (usually $1240 a day)

View Panasonic Varicam ENG Rental Package w/ Tripod and On-Board Monitor:

Package 3:
20% off the first day for first time renters. 30% off the first day of the second rental: (nonconsecutive rental days)

Zacuto Post NAB Rental Specials:

To request your Zacuto rental package contact Zacuto Toll-Free at 888-294-FILM or email rentals@zacuto.com

New Zacuto Gear

Zacuto Rentals is now offering packages with the new Sony EX1 Camera. Our packages range from a simple ENG kit with 2 16gb cards to a DOF kit with a Letus Extreme, lenses, 2 16gb Cards, card reader and much more. Call for details and price quotes. We are also now renting the Panasonic HPG10 P2 gear. This is a P2 reader, player, and recorder all in one. It also has HD SDI, HD Component, Firewire and USB out. Add the P2 gear to your P2 camera rental and make the workflow much easier.

About Zacuto:
Zacuto offers custom HD camera packages and accessories for sale and rent. www.zacuto.com (http://www.zacuto.com) carries the latest technology in HD 24p cameras and specializes in its all inclusive camera packages and accessories featuring the Zacuto USA brand.

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