View Full Version : Optical Image Stabilization... bad for car-shots?

02-06-2008, 01:39 PM
I'm having a huge problem finding camera(s) for a trip that I'm taking. I really liked the HV20 but I'm going to be mounting these to my car while driving and the secondary-lens for OIS causes a huge-issue with jittering.

So, between trying to find a camera with a MIC input, records to Tape or Flash in 1080i HD, and with digital NOT optical image-stabilization... I'm pretty much stuck aside from getting a camera that's like $3000.

Can anyone make another recommendation? I found the Sony HDR-HC5, which would have worked, but it doesn't have a MIC input. Damn it! And people say the HC7 has the same problem as the HV20 from Canon.

/me is really discouraged. :(