View Full Version : 16mm xfer to Cineon--where and how much?

12-28-2004, 01:51 PM
Good news and bad news:

I found my unfinished 16mm sci-fi student film, edited workprint, all dialog & FX tracks, camera negative, all in great condition. *If I can get a decent digital transfer, I can re-do the FX, recut the film, basically George Lucas it, and slap it on my reel.

BAD: *
Just called a highly recommended lab in Miami, and the guy on the phone told me he didn't know what a Cineon file is. *Not what I'd call a confidence builder.

What I'd like:
1. The workprint & audio transferred to good-quality digital NTSC for reference, so I can pop out VHS reference copies to the people helping me on this project, and include it as a "before" version on the final DVD. *For this copy, 8-bit uncompressed is almost overkill, but I do want good quality.

2. The original negative transferred to 24p Cineon files (I assume 2k), no correction (I want to do that myself), and the files on a hard drive. *I'd like to be able to finish digitally, then re-output to either DVD or even 16mm if I ever want a clean, final print. *For this transfer, I'd like very high quality.

My Questions:
1. I have maybe 800 feet of 16mm negative. *How much should it cost to reduce that to 2k Cineon files? *Or will uncompressed 24p Quicktime do it, and if so, will that save me any money? *How big a firewire drive should I buy to store all this on?

2. By what process? *The guy I spoke to today said they'd telecine my film, then put it on an Avid and output "whatever" files I wanted (at $500/hour, of course). *I told him that would introduce interlacing, and he didn't know what I was talking about. *I strongly suspect I either called the wrong lab, or I was talking to the wrong guy.

3. Who should I talk to? *Anybody got the name and number of a reputable and affordable transfer facility that will give me what I want without the use of latex products, if you catch my drift? *Someone in Florida would be great, but after today's phone call I'm gravely concerned about the quality of facilities down here.


12-28-2004, 05:37 PM
One alternative I've found:


Turns out Cineon scanning is outrageous, presumably because of the scan time per frame even at 2K. We're talking prices per frame. DuArt in NYC is the cheapest so far at $0.50 to $1.00 per frame, and it turns out that damn few labs bought Cineon scanners with a 16mm option.

So I'll be going to 24p HD at Bono, and at some point whittle down to the neccessary frames (if any) that I truly need scanned as Cineon files.

With any luck, my dialog tracks will be salvageable and I won't have to re-dub the movie. :)