View Full Version : missed this one i did

11-04-2007, 06:16 AM
I was supposed to be helping someoneelse do a film and it didnt pan out.. so about a week before the deadline i whipped out the dvx, micstandmonopod thing some duck tape, ladder, particle accelerator stol... borrowed from the TVA, rubberband, twoboxes of munster cheese, the bluelight off the top of my nieghbors squad car, etc etc... however the FBI questioned me for days and the cheese never arrived so i missed out.. i am depressed, but hey brandon actually submitted a movie:)(a good one too) and the movie master back.
So now im waiting for nov 11th and i will be doing that film project even if its a western musical :)
also i keep watching these films and I feel like im never gonna catch up to some of you.. Seen some well made stuff...