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10-31-2007, 08:46 AM
I know that the express card that Sony XDCAM Ex uses is from the generic express card and that any generic express card will not work with this camera. What I like to know is, what are the differences? Let's say this card (http://www.lexar.com/ssd/expresscard.html) from Lexar compare to the express card from Sony and SandDisk. What's the big difference between the Lexar which around $200 versus $900 from Sony or SandDisk? I still can't believe the card itself is that much from Sony and SandDisk.

10-31-2007, 09:19 AM
............. any generic express card will not work with this camera.
This still remains to be seen, all that can be definately said now are that ONLY SxS cards are GUARANTEED to work with this camera.

So far, any tests have only been with pre-production versions, and there is some confusion there. At least one user has said that one type of non-SxS memory card WILL work, though threw up error messages. Other types almost certainly won't.

I'm sure a lot more will be said about this once production cameras start to ship, and people start to do tests........

One thing about SxS cards is the spec on transfer speed, even faster than P2. And like with P2 this comes at a price. The big question is whether this level of performance (and cost) is really needed in a camera at this price point.

10-31-2007, 10:22 AM
Thanks for the input. I'm thinking about buying this camera that's why I like to know a bit about its accessories.

Okay, so a 8GB card will only record 30 minutes of HD content, correct?

10-31-2007, 11:26 AM
Directly from the EX brochure:
Recording/Playback time HQ mode (35mb/s) Approx. 50 min. with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card, Approx. 25 min. with SBP-8 (8 GB) memory card

SP mode (25mb/s) Approx. 70 min. with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card, Approx. 35 min. with SBP-8 (8 GB) memory card

11-01-2007, 01:11 PM
Thanks for the tip. I just look at BHphoto and they still don't have in stock yet. So I'm guessing it's the middle of November and not the start of November.

11-01-2007, 04:29 PM
Nov 19th first batch. Who get first batch is the question, dealer or purchase wise.

11-05-2007, 11:37 AM
For some reason I couldn't find any 16GB SxS card. Is that mean it's still not available in the US yet?

11-05-2007, 08:50 PM
Not released yet. Due Nov. 19th, I think.