View Full Version : My DVXuser/ IBC NewsFeed - ibc.mikkowilson.com - updates live from the show!

09-06-2007, 04:00 AM
I have a special newsfeed website set up for IBC at:
http://ibc.mikkowilson.com (http://ibc.mikkowilson.com)

IBC NewsFeed & Media Gallery
I can update post text, photos and video to the site directly from the trade-show floor (or anywhere actually) from my cellphone, or any web-terminal.
This means instant reporting of the latest news from IBC.

I can't always get to a web-site to post news here on the forum, so this website is designed to serve as a proxy to deliver information quickly. Please feel free to re-post news from my feed here to DVXuser.

IBC NewsFlash
There is software available for download from the site that monitors the feed, and alerts you the minute I make a post - that means no more sitting on the "refresh" button! Just download, install, run, and then wait for updates.

Online Cellphone Pager
There is also a form there that allows text messages to be sent directly to my phone from the website. This allows a 2-way dialog from the site to me. It's especially useful for sending me "news tips" of products that are announced online, but I haven't heard of at the show yet (that happens a lot!); or for letting me know of "rumors" that I should confirm/deny.
Please note: It does cost me a few cents to receive each message, so please don't spam me with stuff that can be discussed here.

The show opens in 23 hours time, but feel free to check out the site and get the software installed and running. I will be making some pre-show posts to the feed as news becomes available and as final tests as I travel.

- Mikko