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09-28-2004, 09:30 AM
Last Comic Standing Winner John Heffron is on tour across the United States for the next several months and Iím producing a DVD of this tour footage that will be released either with Johnís next CD album or as a stand alone DVD in stores everywhere sometime in 2005.

We just shot 4 multi-camera shows in Detroit for his homecoming show but want to get footage, shots of crowds and fans outside the venue, people talking after the show about what a good time they had, etc.

I need camera people that are willing to come out and shoot a show (preferably DVX cameras but not limited to) for the DVD. There is no payment for this (this is a super grass-roots/indie DVD project) but everyone that helps will be credited on the DVD as well as credited on the website each week as new Clips/Highlights from each city are added.

If youíre not familiar with Johnís comedyÖ visit www.johnheffron.com for more information about the comic.

Hopefully some of you will come out, see a great show and get involved in what should be a great little DVD in the end.

If anyone at all is interested or know someone that might be interested please call me at 519.564.2172 or email me at gavin@mimeticonline.com. The list of cities/dates is below.

09-28-2004, 07:17 PM
Gavin--PLEASE don't post in every forum. A single post in the jobs forum should do the job. Thanks.