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07-17-2007, 09:09 AM
This is my first time posting on this site. I haven't had time to search through the site either to see what others have said... Can you guys give me some opinions/suggestions on these, or direct me to other threads??:
Just wondering, what do you guys think? Canon XL-A1, XL-G1? Sony HVR-V1U, HDR-FX7, HVR-Z1U? Or Panasonic AG-HVX200?
Currently I am using a Canon XL-1. I am thinking more towards Sony as opposed to Canon. But I do like the Panasonic a lot.
The thing is that I can't afford to switch formats to P2 right now, but it would be nice to be able to in the future switch to that or a hard media recording device like Fire Store. So I would be shooting on mini DV tape still now. Also, I am still editing and distributing in SD. I am just looking to upgrade to a new camera because my XL-1 is getting old and wore out. And we are looking for something new and to be able to compete with everyone else who has already upgraded in the area.
Thanks for the suggestions.
I know the difference between HD and HDV, but again, I will still be shooting on Mini DV tape in SD for the time being, just looking to upgrade my camera...
Thanks again!

07-25-2007, 01:58 PM
Well here it goes.
The canon xha1 and g1 are essentially the same thing except the g1 has more professional outputs. The sony cameras are hdv and right now most people would agree that the canon xha1 is the best price/perfomance in hd. It is still hdv, but people say it is the best of the hdv bunch. The v1u costs more and doesn't seem better. You can add a firestore to most professional cameras. If you get a firestore in the future make sure you get the correct one for the canon because of the f mode.
Hdv does have artifacts and more compression, but it is instant backup. If you have the cash go for the hvx and upgrade to hd later. If you don't want to spend that type of money go for the canon. Its pretty hard to beat at this price, and knowone has yet.

Noel Evans
07-25-2007, 04:37 PM

Ill point out a couple of things and be done. The Sony Fx7 and Z1 wont give you a 24 frame progressive option. Thats point 1

Point 2 - as for the rest a solid case could be built to purchase any of these. My suggestion is to read through the forum on these cameras - put your perceptions aside.

Jason Ramsey
07-25-2007, 04:55 PM
Take everything off your list except for the A1 and the HVX (my own personal opinion) and then start doing some major research on both. This forum being a great place to start. Google is another. Then, ask more specific questions if you can't already find the answer by using the search function (on here or on google). Then, buy the camera that is best suited to your needs and desires. What you plan to do with it should be the deciding factor. Both are great cameras in their own right, but what is the right camera for one person and their workflow, won't be for the next.


08-09-2007, 06:14 PM
interesting that no one said anything about the Panasonic cam. If i go with that, then I would shoot onto tape still and wait until I can switch to P2. I don't have the budget to buy anything yet, we are working on our new office right now which is taking up more time and money than anything! Thanks for the comments

Jason Ramsey
08-09-2007, 07:51 PM
My post right above yours said something about the panasonic cam (hvx) and the canon cam (a1)....

Huy Vu
08-09-2007, 10:35 PM
interesting that no one said anything about the Panasonic cam. If i go with that, then I would shoot onto tape still and wait until I can switch to P2. I don't have the budget to buy anything yet, we are working on our new office right now which is taking up more time and money than anything! Thanks for the comments

You want HD right? Then the HVX can only do that on P2.

08-10-2007, 01:53 AM
My personal experiences with them:

Canon GL/A1- Haven't seen anything from it except web videos. However, have seen a properly done feature with the XL-H1, which has the same internals as this camera, and was very, very impressed. Board consensus is that this is the TAPE prosumer camera to get.

Z1- The HDV camera I have most experience with (haven't we all?). Good for still shots, with no tilting and heavy movement. Everything turns "soft" with movement. (Hence my concern on another post). No progressive scan shooting.

V-1- Stairstepping pixelization a big concern with the camera, and some 24p issues (corrected now, I believe). Big Hong-Kong production House considers the camera "poor". Haven't personally tried it, but would worry with the very bad word of mouth the camera has- search the forum)

FX7- same internals as the V1, but without the progressive modes.

Panasonic HVX200- My camera (so I'll be a bit biased). Very versatile, with diferent recording modes. Variable frame rate is a feature that is amazing for the price range. Recording format different from HDV, more edit friendly. Cons: Not a "immediate excelent results" camera. The more you learn to overcome its particular limitations (handling of low light, and noise), the results are spectacular. P2 is a workflow that requires a new approach and concerns, like archiving and data management.

EDIT- Have done 2 International TV Spots with it. Broadasted in CNN Asia, Discovery Asia , TVB Hong-Kong and Mainland China Channels. Very, very impressive output for SD broadcast. HD footage not put to test in broadcast environment, tough. Want to see a very poor youtube encoded version of one of those tv spots? Type "53th Macau Grand Prix" on youtube (I didn't post it, so don't blame me for the encoding quality...And notice that the title is 53th, not 53rd- the poster made a mistake...)

You should also check out the JVC HD200/250. Progressive scan, 1280x720 CCD's (don't think that the 720p picture of the JVC is not sharp!), 50p and 25p to tape-pal-, and shoulder mount interchangeable lens design.

The Canon XL-H1 is also a very good camera (like I said above on the G1, A1 comment.). With a good DP and a set of Primes, the XL can go to a league of her own. (you can purchase 35mm adaptors for the others, but nothing like real interchangeable lenses with no extra glass)

The HVX, the Canon A1/G1/XL-H1 and the JVCHD200/250 are all fairly good cameras that, handled well, can produce stellar results. (Heck, even the Sony's, if you work around the limitations.). Within these cameras, look into the workflow, costumer support and warranty, and above all, pick the one that you like the best, handling wise, picture wise, and, again, workflow wise.

10-01-2007, 06:44 PM
The fx-7 is a really good camera, wouldn't let you down.

Nathaniel McInnes
10-03-2007, 10:29 AM
Heres another for you. Something your probally havent even thinked of. How about the JVC HD110 720p HD camcoder. I havent used it myself (getting one though) The quailty is suppose to be brilliant.