View Full Version : Large Format Panasonic and Sony Training?

Jeff C
07-06-2007, 05:41 PM
Hello all, I've been shooting professionally with my HVX for about a year now, and looking to move up the ranks. I'm looking to get some formal training / certification on the larger cameras from Sony and Panasonic.
I've been looking around for training, and Sony has this going on:
I'm on the list, but there are no classes listed in the near future.

Panasonic's training schedule is a year outdated, doesn't have anything oriented towards a camera op, and I haven't heard back from the contacts I found on the site
Dead end there.

Any ideas. I'd prefer to get some kind of training that has industry cred. The last thing I want to do, which is still an option, is just rent a camera and geek out for a day.

Any ideas?