View Full Version : Canon Elura 40MC - PROBLEM!

06-13-2007, 08:47 AM
Not necessarily a "40MC" problem, more likely a MiniDV mechanism problem...I'll describe it, maybe someone can tell me what the heck just happened to my camera.

I was preparing all my gear to video a graduation on the 23rd (next Friday).

Just bought an Audio Technica 55 microphone, a new A/C Adapter and a new high capacity battery.

I've been goofing around with the new mic, battery, etc. Everything has been working just fine until...

I rewound the tape, and started to review it on the camera (via the LCD panel). The playback now strobes between partial broken up video and "blue screen", the tape is advancing, you can see activity playing out through the duration of a scene - but it's STROBING.

I hit rewind...the screen goes blue like normal, but the time index while rewinding strobes between the correct time indexes and --:--:-- as it rewinds. The time index advances/reduces (in rewind or fastforward) but it is strobing as well.

I tried a cleaning tape. Exact same results.
I tried different tapes. Exact same results.
I tried a new tape. Exact same results.

When I record a scene for a few minutes, the unit indicates proper time index and appears to be taping just fine. But, when I rewind the tape and review it...I get the freaking strobe thing (while rewinding AND reviewing the tape) going on again.

I know I didn't bump the unit or drop it, it has been in my carefull control the whole time.