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  1. SHORT: under 20 min short film rocky parody
  2. New Documentary
  3. Native American Music good quality 1080p
  4. Canon 60D Test Video
  5. Test Moller anamorphot 19 / 1.5x at C Club Karaoke and Lounge
  6. Diana Seafood Reality Show trailer 1
  7. Updated Korean War Short film
  8. Hot Wing Fight Club!
  9. OTHER: Informational Video I Directed for my Film Production class.
  10. F.o.t.h.m.
  11. Your Milkman
  12. SHORT: Snoballs a short film by F2I
  13. Acting: A Short film (2010)
  14. The Man Who Never Cried - 20 Minute Doorpost Film Finalist
  15. SHORT: Dinner Date - Short Film School
  16. "The Getaway" Short film
  17. Operation 63
  18. FEATURE: DVx Feature locks Distribution! Official BLOOD TIES movie trailer
  19. SHORT: "Three Guns" Short film
  20. MUSIC VIDEO: Brick City Love Song
  21. SHORT: HawkTeflon Short: "Christmas Joy"
  22. OTHER: Teaser Trailer for my short "Mattina Presto Luce"
  23. SHORT: Yours Forever (shot on RED)
  24. Bolted Bot 3D Animation Preview
  25. OTHER: Everyday Is Like Sunday - TV Pilot [Trailer]
  26. Tron Inception
  27. The Craft of MMA
  28. SHORT: Halloween Special
  29. SHORT: The Harrowed Innocent
  30. "Crippled"
  31. OTHER: My 2011 DP Reel
  32. Suicide and Redemption
  33. Mondo Sexxxx: the terry kobrah story is nearing completion: TEASERS
  34. COMMERCIAL: They're bring back Crazy Bones!
  35. Legend of the Swordsman: Episode Zero!
  36. Gifted Minds - A Short Film
  37. OTHER: Promo piece. My first final output for a client.
  38. Wood turning a pen (in slow motion)
  39. band photo shoot footage
  40. SHORT: Gangster Steeze:Episode 2 (Ski Vid)
  41. Chicken Powered Camera Steadicam
  42. Indie Film Movie Screenings
  43. Advert: Monster Energy Drink (30 Sec)
  44. RC Truck Commercial
  45. THE HILLS ARE BARE: A holiday film from Elmer Lang
  46. SHORT: The Confession
  47. FEATURE: Anyone have a movie on Netflix or Blockbuster online and or DVD rentals
  48. MUSIC VIDEO: The Making of "Hey You" - Triple J (Prod. by Langesta) [Official Video] {HD}
  49. Bazi Energy Drink Commercial all 7D + 2 Lenses
  50. SHORT: The cost
  51. D-DOPA - Passivity is a crime
  52. SHORT: Limited time only!
  53. SHORT: Learning German- Episode 1- *Movies and Television Shows*
  54. MUSIC VIDEO: Purity of Heart by Pearson - Official Music Video
  55. What a review...
  56. FEATURE: L.A. Paranormal - A film by John Gonzales
  57. Feedback Needed
  58. SHORT: Day in the Life of a Bicycle
  59. OTHER: Ok fake trailer about zombie grandma! Give us your input!!!
  60. Kickstarter Launch: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
  61. FEATURE: "WHITE OUT" - Doomsday Drama set in UK, Shot on T2i
  62. FEATURE: ROM - A Feature Film by Benjamin Sliker and Matthew Bumby
  63. Three Short Films (DVX100A and HMC150)
  64. FEATURE: "All God's Creatures" - Romatic/Thriller shoot on the HVX200 w/Wide Angle lens
  65. Using TV c;ips in a movie?
  66. Petless: Short
  67. SHORT: Drugs Kill
  68. The tortured teaser
  69. Nature video from Point Lobos (AF100)
  71. SHORT: "The Burden" Short Film
  72. FEATURE: "WHITE OUT" OFFICIAL TRAILER -- Doomsday Drama set in UK
  73. SHORT: TEACHERS PET (short student film)
  74. My summer action blockbuster!
  75. DOC: Pilot Electric Theater Arcade
  76. OTHER: Web Series - Reality On Demand
  77. WEB-SERIES: The Ed and Moe Show (Comedy)
  78. SHORT: Compilation of Shorts
  79. SHORT: When We Ride
  80. FOTHM Teaser
  81. My Student Film From NYFA
  82. D i s c o n n e c t e d
  83. SHORT: Silly Things (A film noir with a sci fi twist)
  84. the family keeps it all shortfilm Directors Cut 35mm
  85. FEATURE: Broken
  86. (Short Doc) Kenn Kweder: The Messiah
  87. Awoken Soundtrack - For the Orchestral Music Lovers
  88. FEATURE (Super 16mm): Marvin Seth & Stanley
  89. Short Mountain bike Edit
  90. FEATURE: JANE DOE TORONTO fundraiser/trailer screening
  91. Watch my HV20 feature film in full on Vimeo!
  92. Legend of the Swordsman: Episode ZERO, Teaser!
  93. Eternal Hunters: Season One: Origins
  94. My first short film shot on Canon 5d Mark II. Halfway home.
  95. First Full Scene from DVX100 "BLOOD TIES"
  96. FOLKLORE-Feature Film
  97. What font is this?
  98. MUSIC VIDEO: "Wherever You Will Go" Cover Video
  99. MUSIC VIDEO: ALL On Me_Loaded Corleone
  100. FEATURE: REALITY XL – Official Trailer Released
  101. SHORT: iPhone 4 8mm app movie
  102. SHORT: Check out the trailer to my latest film
  103. OTHER: Compatible lenses to mamiya 645/phaseone 645/hasselblad H4D
  104. SHORT: Halfway Home (Short Film) (Canon 5d Mark II)
  105. SHORT: First Seven Minutes
  106. SHORT: Boy Solider
  107. FEATURE: Yep - BLOOD TIES - our 20K DVX feature make it to the theater!
  108. FEATURE: PERCEPTION new Stan Harrington Feature begins filming February!
  109. OTHER: Creating a Vimeo Group
  110. SHORT: Suspicious Minds - Canon 60d Short film
  111. SHORT: Suspicious Minds - Canon 60d Short film
  112. SHORT: The Phoenixxx - A grindhouse trailer short. NSFW BLOOD!!!!!
  113. SHORT: ARRI Alexa shoots the official Mercedes-Benz film
  114. FEATURE: The Thing about Karma
  115. OTHER: Birthday Video Rquest
  116. MUSIC VIDEO: Opinion's needed on new video idea!
  117. SHORT: Passive Fist starring Kely McClung
  118. COMMERCIAL: A little advertising shot on the t2i - amateur
  119. SHORT: Monday Moaning - Short Film
  120. SHORT: RvB2: Ryan vs Brandon 2
  121. SHORT: An Early Morning Heist (2010)
  122. COMMERCIAL: Sundance 11 Bumpers
  123. SHORT: Lives after Death (HVX200a) - longer "short"(37 min)
  124. SHORT: Geek V Geek (First Film)
  125. FEATURE: MAE - A Hopeful Submission to Sundance
  126. SHORT: (very) Palm Springs Pool Party: Underwater fun
  127. SHORT: Apocalyptic War Film- Final Days [The Last Prayer]
  128. SHORT: Zachs Adventure
  129. SHORT: Several Shorts
  130. SHORT: EMILY...Timothy McNeil Film about Emily Dickinson
  131. FEATURE: Boxes - A Unique Psychonautical Thriller
  132. FEATURE: How to Make a Killing
  133. DOC: The Neon Bonfire (5 minute short)
  134. COMMERCIAL: Distracted Driving
  135. OTHER: Showreel
  136. SHORT: Resonance
  137. SHORT: Afterschool; Cool. A refreshing comedy.
  138. FEATURE: ENTOURAGE: Jersey Edition
  139. SHORT: Episode Double Zero, Teaser... Enjoy Everyone!
  140. SHORT: HUSTLE (shot with 7D)
  142. SHORT: __S_O_U_L__K_E_E_P_E_R_ a Joseph A. Citro Story
  143. SHORT: She's Not There TRAILER.
  144. SHORT: Found footage
  145. SHORT: Machine : Time
  146. OTHER: small advice: watch movies
  147. SHORT: "Reset" A romantic comedy short film
  148. MUSIC VIDEO: Fall Apart (Sabrina Carpenter)
  149. SHORT: Crowdsourcing
  150. OTHER: Film in production - test shots
  151. OTHER: ELITE WEB SERIES Last Updated (Feb 9th 2010)
  152. SHORT: Flight 209 - Short Film
  153. SHORT: Film Test Shots: N.t.k.a.u [coming soon]
  154. MUSIC VIDEO: Long kit list! Could someone decode?
  155. SHORT: 'Yours Truly', A Psychological Horror
  157. MUSIC VIDEO: Check out this Film Clip I had the oppourtunity to direct
  158. SHORT: Get a free copy of the award winning "Dinner Date" film, shot on 7D
  159. SHORT: Succumb
  160. SHORT: The Shoemaker
  161. FEATURE: My first "Full Feature" now on Youtube
  162. MUSIC VIDEO: Say (All I Need) - Student Music Video
  163. MUSIC VIDEO: "Be My Valentine" by Afternoon Delight (Ukulele Billionaire Cover)
  164. COMMERCIAL: Spec Commercial for Smarties Shot on T2i
  165. SHORT: Kinetic Typography - Love Is
  166. FEATURE: Completed Low Budget Films
  167. OTHER: Texas Film Festival call for entries
  168. SHORT: Spec 1/2 Sitcom shot with two HVX-200's
  169. SHORT: Lost in inequity
  170. OTHER: Howlin' For You - Tricia Helfer, Sean Patrick Flanery, Diora Baird, Todd Bridges...
  171. OTHER: Spring 2011 Cinematography Demo Reel
  172. FEATURE: Screen grabs of footage from new feature film I DP'd
  173. FEATURE: BLOOD TIES sells out World Premiere - and now Available!
  174. MUSIC VIDEO: PENTATONES - The Devilís Hand
  175. SHORT: Every Day the Same
  176. SHORT: Winter In London - Feedback please
  177. SHORT: Between The Cracks
  178. SHORT: Dodo Steampuppet Pilot- STEAMPUNK
  179. SHORT: Five Minutes - Submission for 2011 Campus Movie Fest
  180. MUSIC VIDEO: Float On
  181. SHORT: 'Strike at Dawn' | production thread |
  182. FEATURE: Will and Testament
  183. SHORT: Beach in February
  184. DOC: Documentary shot on 7D in the amazon jungle
  185. SHORT: 24Hrs A 7D time lapse video
  186. SHORT: Shorts, Knock Knock and Holy War
  187. SHORT: Strangers
  188. DOC: A feature length Capoeira documentary, help funding on indiegogo
  189. OTHER: [Composer] Two BIG NEWS: 1.Finished score a film. 2. Totally New Site
  190. COMMERCIAL: BREAkThru GEN 2011 - Director gets Owned on set! - [HDV Epic Slow MO]
  191. SHORT: Dance video shot on green screen
  192. SHORT: Writer-Director Needs Producer
  193. FEATURE: "Rain" based on Westfest entry.
  194. SHORT: Coming Soon
  195. SHORT: It's Just A Movie
  196. SHORT: Torrent
  197. SHORT: Thirteen-c
  198. SHORT: PERCEPTION (Inception inspired)
  199. SHORT: Subtitles on short movie
  200. FEATURE: FEATURE: CollabFeature - An International Collaborative Feature Film
  201. FEATURE: Anyone wanna test screen my new film? MONDO SEXXX: the terry kobrah story
  202. SHORT: "Sub-Tidal" Our ECO 48HR film Submission
  203. SHORT: VENGER - A new series shot on the ARRI ALEXA
  204. OTHER: Web Series copyright
  205. OTHER: RED or ARRI ?
  206. SHORT: Identical Strangers
  207. SHORT: Alaska
  208. OTHER: Short films wanted: Local filmmakers
  209. SHORT: A teaser for my short film party at zacks
  210. SHORT: ►► Scott Pilgram VS the World + StreetFighter = Live Action EPIC Short
  211. SHORT: Trying to raise money for Short Film
  212. FEATURE: Canyon Road
  213. MUSIC VIDEO: Here's the latest I directed... Ke$ha "Blow"
  214. MUSIC VIDEO: Informer "Wires"
  215. SHORT: Departure (2011)
  216. MUSIC VIDEO: Shot on 16mm film.
  217. SHORT: "Le Cygne"
  218. SHORT: Two shorts for you guys to check out.
  219. SHORT: The Trials Of Nomad Trailer: Shot on all Go pro HD Mini Cameras
  220. SHORT: Monday
  221. OTHER: 'Imagine India' - short promo piece
  222. MUSIC VIDEO: Pacifica Fog
  223. SHORT: Aidan 5 - sci fi
  224. SHORT: "Wragg is in Custody" Hit's the Circuit! +Cannes!
  225. SHORT: Trying to raise money for Short Film
  226. FEATURE: Disturbance
  227. SHORT: Portfolio Film - Better Today
  228. SHORT: A little climbing film
  229. MUSIC VIDEO: Graham Colton - Pacific Coast Eyes
  230. MUSIC VIDEO: Sexy Ghost Pussy(cat) - Music Video
  231. FEATURE: Ways To Go - A Coastal California Road Movie Shot On The 5D
  232. DOC: NEW DOCUMENTARY - HD Tyranny: Never Been Born
  233. SHORT: "Escape" - BMX iPhone Edit
  234. MUSIC VIDEO: Enter the Ninja(lol)
  235. MUSIC VIDEO: Radio Aktiv
  236. DOC: The Comedy Garage
  237. SHORT: New Docu "The Straw Bear"
  238. SHORT: Film Screening (March 10th-13th)
  239. SHORT: My silent short, Tea Time
  240. SHORT: 38:50
  241. SHORT: Play Again - Short Drama shot on 7D/5D MkII
  242. MUSIC VIDEO: Music Video Critique
  243. SHORT: Action flick all shot on one 7D and the kit zoom lens.
  244. OTHER: My tv show on comedy central tonight!
  245. SHORT: "Barry's Birthday" - the new edit
  246. SHORT: Vingnaan - My First Test short film shoot on canon 7d
  247. SHORT: Short Film - Libido
  248. MUSIC VIDEO: Two Old 97's Music Videos
  249. OTHER: Wedding Highlights Reel 7D XDCAM
  250. SHORT: The GHOSTS