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  1. Canon Unveils New Prosumer HDV Line: XH G1 and XH A1
  2. Canon Announces New Cameras
  3. HD-SDI external recorder device?
  4. HD-SDI: 1080i or also 24f?
  5. XL-H1, A1, G1 owners...your playback deck has arrived (kinda)
  6. Canon HV10 $1,299 HDV consumer model
  7. Some features of the canon A1
  8. Differences between the Canon progressive modes
  9. Latest version of Lumiere HD supports the Canon XL-H1
  10. Canon SDI to DVCPro HD 1080 24p
  11. Film Out
  12. Deck?
  13. The River Wild outtakes ;)
  14. petition: Elton to Canon official mod
  15. old accesories for the a1
  16. dreaming of AF selection points for canon xha1
  17. EVF/LCD flip on XH-A1/G1 - Canon, please listen :-)
  18. A1 Equipment List.
  19. Cracked out Cube PC for A1/G1 tethered?
  20. Barry's XH G1/XH A1 book?
  21. physical size
  22. B&H Taking Pre-Orders on A1
  23. Price on the XH A1E? Date?
  24. GL1 shooting format
  25. XH A1 - HD-SDI ports
  26. Tripod for the XH A1 - what would you get?
  27. Will get my A1 at end of october
  28. Canon or Sony?
  29. Canon HV10 Footage?
  30. Is this a feature or a bug?
  31. XL H1 picture profile/settings compatibility?
  32. Let's try the VTR game with 24f
  33. A1/G1 with HDMI???
  34. Finally saved up enough!!!
  35. A1/G1/H1 vertical resolution 24f
  36. A1/G1/H1 firewire streaming???
  37. HDV to Film Out
  38. A1 at Birns this Saturday
  39. New G1 footage
  40. Low Light Results?
  41. FCP 5.1.2 + HDV 24F = Bliss
  42. How to get A1 ASAP
  43. So Excited!!!
  44. Kaku Ito on the Canon XH A1: Hands on honest review
  45. Just Pre-Ordered!!
  46. XH A1 footage?
  47. Component capture via firewire
  48. Amazing Purchase Experience!!!
  49. Canadian Canon XH A1 Retailers?
  50. Preparing for A1 delivery
  51. Are expensive HDV tapes really necessary?
  52. removable shotgun mount???
  53. HD DVDs?
  54. EF adapter...maybe one day?
  55. Bad News from Canon
  56. Does the A1 have HDMI-out?
  57. Portable solution?
  58. Newbie G1 & A1 Question
  59. XH A1 Questions
  60. XH A1 Questions
  61. 60i vs 30f vs 30p
  62. 24f=24p in sd
  63. Latitude G1/A1 vs DVX
  64. reseller price question
  65. PAL A1...When
  66. HDV 1080 25f PAL on Avid Xpress?
  67. Please post HDV material of moving objects
  68. CCD question
  69. I am in debt, sold my arm for the A1
  70. Sony 12f GOP, Canon 6f GOP. is it true?
  71. Very seriously considering a DVX100b - QUICK, talk me into an A1!
  72. ZGC shipping A1s tomorrow
  73. How good is A1's HDV for online video?
  74. How does the A1 compare with the XL2?
  75. Good for Wedding Videography
  76. A1 Subsampling HDV Color Scheme?
  77. Good News from Canon
  78. Odd Venue/A1 Showcase Question
  79. Flip display
  80. A1 and Premiere Pro 2.0
  81. ncje's A1 Thread
  82. Samy's Santa Ana has A1
  83. DV Rack and A1
  84. Quick HD/Monitor Questions
  85. steadicam Merlin and the Canon XH A1
  86. Confused about light loss on "progressive" cams
  87. Hvx200 vs XH-A1 lowlight
  88. Is the A1 available in London?
  89. Thank You B&h
  90. A1 CP user settings
  91. XH A1 Case, Shotgun Mic or a short XLR cable
  92. Variable Frame Rates
  93. Aspect Ratio?
  94. Some Night Footage
  95. Canon A1 / LANC operation
  96. What kind of tape to use?
  97. 24/25F = Placebo effect?
  98. Day time footage
  99. Grabs A1 vs DVX?
  100. XHA1 w/new .8 WA adapter from Canon
  101. XH A1 and FCP
  102. HDV to HD-SDI -- Any comments on this device?
  103. How is the onboard mic for the A1?
  104. Some good info from the Canon event: F Mode info included
  105. XHA1 NY Clip
  106. Focus - not manual?
  107. A1 with Arizona Landscape
  108. Anyone who ordered from Dabs.com
  109. Xh A1 Pal?
  110. Can you suggest a good case for the Canon A1?
  111. A1 and letus35?
  112. Pixel dead?
  113. settings on A1 for bright light/outdoors?
  114. Proud new owner of an A1!
  115. XH-G1 Grabs and footage eventually under controlled lighting
  116. A1 undercrank clip
  117. Editing A1 and HVX footage together - Can it be done?
  118. Why the run around about Canon vs Sony?
  119. A1 G1 H1
  120. Shot some NFL footage with my new A1s!!!
  121. Firestore and 24f : It does record 24f, right?
  122. ROLLL CALLL: who has a A1? and where
  123. WinXP XHA1 driver
  124. XH A1 vs XH G1 vs XL H1
  125. Got our A1!!! Now how do we watch our footage?
  126. Dumb question re: Canon A1
  127. My Canon A1 is ...........
  128. Canon A1 $3,499
  129. Got My A1 :D
  130. XH A1 review up at Camcorderinfo
  131. What's the proper settings to dump A1 footage into FCP?
  132. workflow issues
  133. xha1 and Avid
  134. XH-A1 vs XL1/XL2 in SD
  135. Light Smear on A1
  136. Tom Roper's Canon XH A1 Resolution Imatest MTF50
  137. Music Video Shot on A1 (link provided)
  138. Slow Motion in 24f
  139. Final word on digitalfotoclub.com?
  140. HV10: Higher res than the G1/A1? (still) 25p @PAL model?
  141. Odd question: Photo of you and your A1/G1
  142. wd-h72 adaptor in NY?
  143. Mack warranty question
  144. A1's XLR quality
  145. Magnet trick on the A1?
  146. A1 and the Redrock M2
  147. FS-4 HD and the XH-A1
  148. Has anyone ever dealt with H1Photo?
  149. 24f to DVD
  150. Ready to edit, but where to begin?
  151. Protection Filter
  152. horizontal panning smear/flicker
  153. Footage from A1 but where can I upload?
  154. Footage from A1- lighting test
  155. Getting new monitor
  156. Image flip on A1?
  157. ASA rating for the XH A1 Lens
  158. Football Game footage
  159. German manual
  160. I Love This Camera!
  161. xh-a1 barry book request!
  162. The coolest feature for Studio
  163. Small bug in the firmware: -40 in Custom Presets
  164. Settings for LCD
  165. A1/H1 to Betacam Workflow
  166. barrel distortion
  167. How do I play .m2t files?
  168. Adding 24f 30f 60i to a PAL A1?
  169. XH A1 or DVX100B
  170. "the Canon XH A1 one of the best-value camcorders we’ve ever seen"
  171. Some pics from a Canon XH Series Tech Seminar
  172. AT4073a with the XH A1
  173. Daytime Footage
  174. Got My A1!
  175. Exposure tip........ just in case.
  176. OFFICIAL A1 Custom Presets thread
  177. Our First Footage
  178. A1 Pal Footage
  179. More Footage
  180. Chris's presets Footage
  181. XHG1 Pal version (50i/25p) and FCP problem
  182. Does HD-SDI have embedded Audio?
  183. 4 ch input ma-300
  184. Standard A1 presets explanation?
  185. Shutter Speed and Grain Woes...
  186. XH footy from the Brevis35
  187. Anyone buying a Canon XH A1?
  188. A1 and the Letus35A
  189. A1 and Chromatic Aberration...good news, bad news.
  190. My first sequence...
  191. footage: failed prior posting of tele test
  192. external hd monitor
  193. Boring but maybe some interest
  194. Request for 30f footage
  195. A1 and editing
  196. Hour meter for xh a1?
  197. the sony HDV VTR XH-A1 print to tape - work around
  198. Hobbes' XHA1
  199. Hoodman H-300 with magnifyer
  200. Canon A1 Benefits Package?
  201. Question for Barry about downconversion
  202. Sell my dvx and buy XH A1??
  203. Color Grading with the A1.
  204. 2 channel audio monitoring
  205. Mattebox For A1-IAF
  206. XH A1 and tape stock
  207. Canon XH-A1 $3699 from bhphotovideo
  208. What (cheap) stabilizer? For $14?!!
  209. home made 35mm with A1
  210. A1 recording to external drive... How to?
  211. Impresive Cam
  212. Can Also Be Seen In User Films - But Anyway
  213. Audio monitoring on the A1
  214. Output to 35mm film?
  215. test footage A1 & FireStore work flow
  216. Matching HVX and A1 Footage
  217. Running and gunning with the A1
  218. External Monitor Connection?
  219. XH-A1/XL-H1 Multicam Test Shoot
  220. 24f to large digital projection?
  221. Scene file setting question
  222. pal/ntsc switchable?
  223. Workflow: Shoot 25f - dub to HD-D5 for 24p?
  224. Carrying case
  225. Workflow: Why keep an A1? Let's discuss.
  226. XHA1 and Premiere Pro 2
  227. Workflow: HDV tape to MAC to HD-D5
  228. reduce purple fridging e CA
  229. wide angle
  230. light smear? question
  231. NEW POLL: would you deliver on DivX HD?
  232. 5 Free Sony HDV tapes
  233. adobe update not working for me?
  234. Why does my low-light footage look so AWFUL?!
  235. Shadow Falls
  236. FCP Capture Question
  237. Newb framerate help
  238. A1 and dvrack?
  239. Colors HVX and XHA1|
  240. A Christmas A1 clip
  241. THE Slow Motion Method
  242. A1 vs. FX7
  243. A1 and Firestore
  244. PAL A1 Christmas footage - SD, lowlight, no CC
  245. A1 & FX7 in stock at Fry's
  246. Another new XH-A1 owner
  247. Free: Xh-a1 Fine Tuning Tool
  248. Why I chose an A1 over an HVX- run & gunners take note
  249. encoding for dvd with A1 footage
  250. NLE not letting open m2t files!