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  1. show the zoom index in display
  2. 48 Hour Film Contest
  3. life note
  4. Doritos Ad FINALIST - Voting Ends Tonight!!!
  5. Case for XH-A1 with attached SGpro
  6. XH-A1 / SGpro.R3 / Copenhagen Street-party
  7. A1 w/Vista Movie Maker 6. Black Bar nonsense.
  8. Think I'll go with the XH-A1
  9. Final Cut Express problems......
  10. Need Some Guidance
  11. Another Music Video, A1 + LEX
  12. editing and long GOP
  13. New Showtime series shot with XH-A1
  14. My new film trailer, shot entirely with a XH-A1
  15. Stabilizer Solution
  16. Overexposure problem....
  17. Feature Film?
  18. DV or HDV tapes for HDV?
  19. can u transfer in raw avi format?
  20. Shoulder Mount for A1
  21. 2nd camera
  22. Vimeo/YouTube Compression
  23. problem with my XHA1
  24. XHA1 footage
  25. 24 hour film contest entree - Broommate
  26. Interlacing problems...
  27. 8:27 short film
  28. FishEye lens for the A1?
  29. first test
  30. Canon XL-H1 digitize 720 24p footage
  31. A1 Tapeless Audio Recording
  32. What editing system do you use?
  33. Sgpro second day
  34. The best FCP setup for 24F
  35. Eco-citoyen
  36. Merlin test footage
  37. Sony tapes for XHA1
  38. HD Audio Sync Issue
  39. hit and run on motorcycle
  40. Funkin' Style
  41. Canon XH A1 Lens Repair
  42. Capture Pictures that I have Taken
  43. 35mm for Canon XH-A1
  44. SGPro, Letus35, others?
  45. Hoodman for XH-A1
  46. Clear Scan question
  47. XH-A1 Feature- updated teaser, trailer coming soon!
  48. Vegas 8.0 does not detect XH-A1!
  49. Settings in Vegas 8.0
  50. Presets
  51. making final cut auto detect scenes when log and capture
  52. Oversold: short film with Crissy Moran
  53. Changing custom presets
  54. A1 audio questions
  55. Dolphin footage shot on A1
  56. What format to export 1080i from Canon XH-A1?
  57. 24f Modes
  58. Sunday afternoon
  59. Grey Focus Distance Readout?
  60. Small switches on XH-A1
  61. New Mac pro and Xh a1 not working
  62. on-board mic not working after XLR use
  63. less grain?
  64. XH-A1 Image flip mod for 35mm Adaptor users
  65. XH A1 vs. V1U
  66. XHA1 + Ikan V8000HD settings question
  67. A1 + New Black Magic
  68. putting custom presets in my camera
  69. Timecode: help with HDV work flow
  70. Canon 100mm f/2.8 EF USM MACRO LENS
  71. XH A1 question before I buy...
  72. fisheye numbers
  73. Need Advice on Powering My A1 and accessories
  74. Preset folder
  75. How much can I get for my XH A1?
  76. AC 'NewSoul" Directed by Steven Tapia shot on XH A1
  77. Slow Motion
  78. Big problem capturing A1 footage - Total FALLOUT!
  79. Dirty Head, Eject Tape!
  80. loading downloaded camera presets
  81. This is what happen when you just got a xh a1 !
  82. my first LETUS EXTREME footage
  83. Capture trouble XH-A1
  84. OIS - when to use
  85. Reliable Pre-Made Steadicam
  86. Is it possible to shoot 29.97fps(NTSC)mode with a Pal xh-a1
  87. XH-A1 question before purchase.
  88. Proud new owner of an XH-A1
  89. A1 problem
  90. Dear God,
  91. Is there anybody in South Florida to film with?
  92. Is the A1 right for me?
  93. Shot DV 16:9 (not HD), can't capture!?
  94. 4 audio channels ?!?
  95. XHA1 + Steadicam Merlin?
  96. Do you think there will be a significant price drop soon?
  97. Can someone please tell me what "pulldown" is?
  98. FlyCam 3000 Pro - Test with Canon XH A1
  99. wedding Demo Shot with XH A1
  100. Capture cam for xha1
  101. recommended field monitor for XHA1 and Letus Extreme
  102. So im about to film a gritty fight scene
  103. How to shoot a weddings?
  104. "Guiding Light" shot with Canon XH G1
  105. My First Music Video
  106. A1 not focusing
  107. Chinese Takeout: An A1 Music Video
  108. First work with XH A1
  109. Klondike Bar Commercial With the A1.
  110. Wot's the best: 25P or 50i?
  111. Help! Please Watch and Rate!
  112. Internal ND filter throws off focus when set to infinity?
  113. Crash course: how to make your own custom presets.
  114. XHA1 Blue Sky is Full Of Static
  115. Another Cheap Zoom Controller
  116. First short film shot with XH A1
  117. CDN Buyer: Buying online from B&H
  118. What not to do with your two week old XH-AI
  119. Time to sell?
  120. what tapes for xha1??
  121. Accounting for XHA1 operational hours
  122. HMC150 vs XHA1?
  123. Why is the XL2 more expensive than the A1?
  124. Film Effect filter?
  125. Dust inside the lens
  126. XH-A1 Best Audio Set-up
  127. Changing tapes
  128. A1 + LEX music video, watch it HD here
  129. UV for xh a1?
  130. Recommend: RedRock, Letus & other gear?
  131. Cutting XH-A1 & DVX100B Together
  132. Amsterdam
  133. Which Tape to Use (revisited)
  134. how fast can you move with stabilizing system??
  135. Alternatives to the Steadicam Merlin?
  136. Canon Xh A1 broken microphone
  137. XH A1 and SD
  138. XHA1 workfow w/adobe cs3
  139. Just got my XHA1
  140. noise on my new XH A1 HELP!!
  141. Preset
  142. XH A1 and Kino Flo Kamio.. Anybody have this?
  143. Video2/BNC Video Out...can someone explain what this is?
  144. Need advice on what mode to shoot in
  145. Redrock Deluxe Shoulder Mount For Sale
  146. Best presets for shooting interviews
  147. Canon XH A1 & Steadicam JR
  148. Couple XH A1 Questions
  149. Question about tv broadcast.
  150. important question on the xha1 and interlacing
  151. Music Video "Doc" shot with XH-A1
  152. 24f FinalCut Questions
  153. XH-A! & filling my new 1080p LCD TV. Will it do it?
  154. The Hand That Feeds
  155. Amsterdam XH-A1 footages
  156. The Sleepless City....
  157. FCP doesn't recognize XHA1
  158. Attaching Carrion monitor to HX-A1?
  159. Vimeo hd uploading
  160. Trash
  161. Night club footage
  162. stall on playback
  163. Wide Angle Lens Rip-Off? or is this normal?
  164. Grainy
  165. DTE for the Canon XH-A1
  166. getting super good super slow motion
  167. My first music video
  168. Wide Angle lens
  169. Need help with Letus Extreme
  170. Help!!
  171. CAN NTSC XH A1 be converted to PAL...
  172. FlyCam 3000 Pro (modified) test with Canon XH A1
  173. Issue with "dropped frames" and FCP
  174. Downward spiraling shot.
  175. Looking for a cable
  176. Helo from Louisville
  177. RNC 2008 Riot footage shot with XH-A1
  178. Isle of Man Steam Railway footage
  179. logging from xha1 vs hv20
  180. Switching tape types
  181. Music Video- F.I.T.E. Truly men are like Vapor-first music video!
  182. XHA1/SGPRO 35mm adapter/17-40mm
  183. Urgent - Firewire port picture needed
  184. Cheapest camera for playing back Xh-A1 footage?
  185. Connecting a monitor/screen to the xha1
  186. Losing the first few seconds of every clip when I sample in FCP
  187. Audio Not Matching
  188. Some more random XHA1/SGPRO footage
  189. Using Archos as external monitor
  190. Redrock M2 microx with Canon A1
  191. Music Video for Film festival
  192. XH A1 Iris ring help!
  193. connecting a xh a1!!??
  194. VISION02 The ultimate XHA1 Preset!
  195. First Wedding Trailer C&C welcomed!
  196. Canon 70-200 f2.8/XHA1/SGPRO
  197. A1 zoom readings in numbers?
  198. Fisheye for XH A1
  199. Problems Uploading Using HV20
  200. My Manual Audio setting not giving me sound...need answer by tonight
  201. AV sync problems
  202. French Flag Sunshade
  203. Videodoodle No.1This is what most people call 'test footage',but to me it's not test
  204. New music video shot by XHA1
  205. exporting 30f to 24f HELP
  206. Selling Canon Xha1, Redrock M2, Manfrotto 503 Tripod, Rode Mic
  207. Sennheiser G2 setup for XHA1?
  208. XH-A1 camera functions won't turn on
  209. What is the best neutral setting?
  210. Computer doesnt recongize Xha1
  211. Oversold: short film with Crissy Moran All Shot on A1
  212. Wedding Demo Feed back please
  213. poor low light autofocus repairable?
  214. Color Shift?
  215. The true lifespan of hdv...thoughts?
  216. SWIT / VariZoom S-2010 on Camera Light
  217. which format?
  218. Using XH-A1 lens hood on 35mm lenses
  219. My Brain isn't working - Shutter Speed
  220. XH A1 - HD transfer to SD via component?
  221. VISON02 footage
  222. XHA1 and really wide screen
  223. 60i vs. 24F
  224. 2 audio channels, one mic?
  225. Third Party Charger?
  226. Music Video teaser(SGPRO,XHA1,HV30)
  227. "The Elms" Documentary Trailer
  228. TrueColor vs Vision02 preset
  229. Dumb Qustions from a Newb
  230. custom presets for forest
  231. preset for shooting in the dark
  232. HDV Split wont capture whole tape...
  233. 60i vs 30f - Premeire CS3 - i still just dont get wich one to use
  234. Mic recommendations for XHA1
  235. Locked Aperture Ring?
  236. HD film question
  237. Latest Short Film shot with XH-A1
  238. Video quality on a 1080p 63inch plasma
  239. I'd like multiple opinions please. Making 16x9 dvd on Mac
  240. First Test/ Videodoodle Footage
  241. sd to hd
  242. Another A1/G1 Sighting
  243. Prices to cheap to be true
  244. DVD learning XH A1
  245. Zoom Noise...hmm
  246. XH A1 internal mic wobble
  247. How to Experiment With Frame Rates
  248. Focus Shifting
  249. 30f for web advice?
  250. latest Action short - 50i to progressive help